Pros and Cons of CIC over RIC

In choosing hearing aids the question of which general type as between CIC’s and RIC’s seems to be the biggest question. I am sure people have their preferences, but is there a coherent list of pros and cons for someone with mild-moderate hearing loss at higher frequencies. I want to have full connectivity with phones and iPhone which might also be an important issue. As between the two alternatives, I am not bothered about cosmetics as I think that RICs probably provide the same or better cosmetic results as CICs. IIC not for me as I like going scuba diving. Also I live in Singapore where it is hot and humid, with regular heavy rain, although we use umbrellas and hide in rain, so don’t get mega wet.

As always, I look forward to receiving your experienced and knowledgeable responses-coming from someone who has no experience.


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Heres a link from Consumer Reports that briefly discusses some of the pluses and minuses:

CICs have a reputation of having more reliability issues because they are subject to the harsh environs of the ear. Since they’re custom items (except for Signia Silk and clones), it’s more of a big deal to get repaired (compaired to a RIC which is often fixed with a receiver replacement that can be done in a few minutes) CICs also have less feature because of size restraints (directional mics and bluetooth for example) I’m unclear if there are any bluetooth CICs. That said, if you deal with a lot of things around your head (glasses, hats, work with arms above head, etc.) there’s an advantage to not having something hanging on your ear. Hope this helps and hoping somebody has a more definitive list.

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Thank you for your response. Helpful.

Thanks for sharing such information.

Living in Singapore with hot humid weather I wouldn’t think a RIC would be suitable, with the receiver in the ear it’s still very vulnerable to moisture. Even if you had a electronic drying box. I would think the CIC would have the same problem, but I don’t know much about them not having had a pair before.
I had RIC’s and moisture was a huge problem. I would seriously consider a hearing aid that offers you a greater than 67-68 IP. Which is a coating to help prevent moisture getting into the device as I understand it.

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Looking at your audio RICs would be the way to go for sure. As you point out, most RICs these days are less visible than CICs anyway. With the RIC you can keep your ear canal open, and sounds will seem more natural. Regarding the moisture issue mentioned above: moisture is moisture. Any device can be affected, but most these days resist moisture. Don’t submerge them in water and just use a drying chamber at night. You’ll be fine. Go with the RICs.

Thanks for sharing the information.