Programming Widex Inteo..desparately need advice!

I’ve had my Widex Inteo for over a year now. I’m binaural and for the most part they were nearly perfect for me. I was able to hear specific sounds like keys jingling…someone walking in another room. One day, a year later, the right ear made a crackling sound or static sound and then popped. Like a disconnection of an amp would sound. I was only receiving 50% power from the right ear which prompted me to see my audi and have them send it in for repair to Widex. I’m under 2 year warranty. Upon receiving the aid back my audi connected BOTH hearing aids into the computer for reprogramming. Apparently the last program is saved in the software. Well, this is not the case. It reprogrammed BOTH my aids completely different and the quality of sound was not there. After 10 separate visits to my audiologist to try and get the old program back, we had an “expert” from Widex come and try to get it remotely close to what it was without success. Everyone has pretty much thrown up their hands and say…I don’t know. It’s clearly a reprogramming issue and no one can get the right combination back into my hearing aids. Meanwhile…it’s been almost 2 months. I’m exhausted between driving back and forth to the audi spending no less than an hour there. I just think that after spending 7K apiece on these hearing aids…that programming them should not be this much of an issue. The company even went as far to replace the ‘internal part’ of the hearing aids…leaving me without my aids for 10 days…can anyone imagine what kind of hell that is like? We’re still having a programming issue and not one single person knows how to fix it.

Can anyone…anyone…provide any insight??? It would be greatly appreciated.

I can feel your pain…

the only thing I can really think of is to get REM to verify that you are actually
getting the prescribe gain.

I recomend using Verifit… which is really the best eq. out there

You paid 14000.00 for a pair of Widex hearing aids?

someone is making a lot of $