Programming the Oticon Agil Pro MiniRITE

Scroll down to see all the steps for programming the Oticon Agil Pro MiniRITE.

>>Links-for-Hearing-Aid-Self-Programming<< may answer questions you might have.

This is my USB mini Pro. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My mini Pro is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My mini Pro, without me, is useless. Without my mini Pro, I am useless. :smiley:

Cable to connect USB mini Pro to your PC

Standard CS44 Programming Cables (same as Oticon Programming Cable #3)

Closeup of [FONT=&amp]CS44 Programming Cable[/FONT]

Flexconnect # 390-01-180-05 (pair)

Closeup of Flexconnect

Ready to Connect Oticon Agil Pro MiniRITE

Diagram of how to connect Oticon Agil Pro MiniRITE
Red dot on small plug of cable end matches red mark on Flexconnect plastic base
Black raised dot on Flexconnect faces upward
Batteries remain inside the hearing aids

Connected and ready to go

Connected also to mini Pro and ready to run Oticon Genie fitting software

Happy programming…

please report back on how these aids are working out for you. I thought your wife was going to get fitted with these and if it didn’t work out it was yours?

I’m new to the site and I am getting ready to purchase Oticon Agil Pro hearing aids from a New England discount center (office purchase only). I live in the south, so I will have to travel to get the HAs, but the savings is worth it - IF I can purchase the programming equipment. Can you direct me to the source for the cables and flexconnect pair pictured above. I did see the new USB HI PRO on e-bay - for $650, and I did see a pair of CS44 cables - but Oticon was not listed among the HAs that are compatible. I would appreciate any purchasing info you can provide.


Ask your seller to provide the flexconnect pair as part of the purchase. That’s how I got mine. Any CS44 cable should work if it looks like the 4-pin cable above (not to be confused with the Phonak CS44-A cable which has pins 3&4 reversed). You might ask your seller about those too. Can’t hurt to ask.


where can I purchase a older/cheaper serial HI-Pro (serial port is not a problem…) + programming cables (Oticon Agil Pro, CS44 + Flexconnect) for under $300? Would be a bargain for me! I would be very grateful, If anybody could name me a seller for this device … or just make a offer (PM)

Much thanks from Germany.

I would like to see oticon genie too.

If you have an interest in learning how to use the latest version of Genie software, I have just posted the info below in a new thread.

I just came across this site which offers online training courses for most aids including the fitting software.

(As I am a new member to this forum, I am forbidden to post a link, but you sure know how to add the beginning of the address.)

There is a $99 yearly fee to access any of their courses.

As I was interested in the Oticon Genie software, I discovered that you can view the Oticon Genie online video (60 minutes) for no charge by going direct to the Oticon web page.

Unfortunately when you click on the direct link for this page you get redirected to the above web site.

The backdoor method to view this video is to google “Training & Educational Programs - Oticon”

Scroll down until you find an exact match and you will be taken to the Oticon page where you scroll down to the seventh program "Oticon Genie Software.

The video was based on the Agil Pro mini rite and I was amazed at all the features of this aid including the ability to keep track of how many hours these aids are used and the percentages of various uses.

So keep in mind that if you talk too much, your fitter will know this. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the above web site and I recieve no money from them. It was an accidental discovery.



You don’t have to Pay the annual fee. It’s free. See this POST.

Thanks for the correction pvc. Another forum member just posted the same info in the thread I started.

I wrongly assumed that you have to pay to register.

I am interested in purchasing a Hi Pro USB Hearing Aid Programmer.

I have seen the Loreca model on a web site from Turkey for $350, while the best price for a GN Otometrics model is $700.

Text below from the Loreca web page. As I am unable to post a link until I have made 15 posts, you can find them by doing a google search for:

Loreca Hi Pro USB Hearing Aid Programmer

Any info on any Hi Pro models would be greatly appreciated.

Universal programming interface

The USB Digital Hearing Aid Programmer is a universal hardware interface for programming all types of hearing instruments, both digital and analogue.

The new version, named HI-PRO USB, is both smaller and a more efficient device compared to its predecessor. The HI-PRO USB is fully backwards compatible with the old HI-PRO and can be used with already existing and installed fitting modules.
The HI-PRO USB has been developed by Loreca in collaboration with the hearing instrument industry to provide hearing care professionals with a universal hardware interface for programming all types of hearing instruments, both digital and analogue.
Universal - HI-PRO USB is the de facto industry standard for hearing instrument programming and is supported by all major hearing instrument manufacturers
Can be used to program all types of hearing instruments from a PC
Proven to be extremely durable and reliable
Easy to use and quick to install
Industry standard for programming hearing instruments
Together with HIMSA’s NOAH software, HI-PRO USB has evolved into the de facto industry standard for programming hearing instruments. In fact, the successful standardization of the HI-PRO USB hardware interface on a global scale throughout the hearing industry has helped drive the trend towards first programmable and later digital hearing instruments.
Hearing instrument programming made simple

hi Im very interrest!!! please How can I buy this hi-pro please?
new agil pro miniRite use!

? text :confused:

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this knowledge. It is coming handy with piecing the same setup for myself :slight_smile:

@Travelin Man,
I bought this Hi Pro programmer from Loreca last week (475$ + shipping + tax as I am in France). Up to now, I didn’t try it because I am waiting for cables, but it’s seems really to be a genuine one , not a chinese copy. The PCB is printed “Otometrics HI PRO USB”, the soldering quality is good. The drivers are on a “printed” CD and there is a complete printed manuel. The serial number of mine is 295673. I suppose that it’s always the same number for chinese copy ?
No problems for drivers installation.
I wish it will works well!

Good Day where did you purchase the cables I am having a lot of trouble purchasing the oticon flex connect for acto pro.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, here:

I programing oticon agil pro with then.

Thanks a lot I have ordered 2 hope they work on acto pro my genie software says its the same combination as the agil pro mini so should be OK.
I am really pissed off how these things are so difficult to get lets face it if you are prepared to put in the time to get a better result why should these companies be able to resrict the sale of this hardware.
my audi is great and i am happy to pay to have this professionally done the problem is i spend about half an hour in his office desperatly trying to get the sound exactly right and he might do an adjustment to a frequency range and say “hows that” to me it sounds great because its better then when I came in so I say “great” pay him the money and go home.
Next day I go to a restruant and buy a coffee and can not hear a thing over the background noise.
So i go back pay some more money then something else is wrong.
now if i am prepared to muck round and sort it out for myself why am i not allowed to do that. the whole deal stinks and these companies should be ashamed.
thats my whinge for today over and out.

One nice think about the Siemens ConnexxLink, since it basically uses Bluetooth to the PC, you can sit in the coffeeshop with your laptop and adjust it right there.

I have these cable, are the ns63 programming cables Compatible with widex passions 105 ric and oticon ric hearing aids ??

Morning, when I can buy the component (CS44 Programming Cable, Flexconnect # 390-01-180-05 (pair)
showed in this post.