Programming problem

Sorry…I am still on L plates and I can’t help here.

(I have made only one minor change so far and I am still recovering from the trauma. You are way in advance of me when it comes to programming). I propose to do some more explorations so I have made a few copies of my original settings so I can sleep at night.

FYI - I am using an iCube and in iPFG I can select ‘Standard, Wizard and Junior fittings’. I note that the History Manager gives a short list of the opening/closing states which is saved to my computer - I guess within the Phonak data bases somewhere. Mine does not say ‘saved to Internet’.



You are wise to make several copies of the original, anything can happen, and usually does.

The history manager lists changes noting times, and I think I made a mistake! It says at the top “User” and that column says “Internet” which I now think is just the name it gives the pc. I keep a book with the time I make a change, and a clue to what I`ve done.

I`m using Noah-Link which connects to the HA via cables. Not quite as nice as iCube, but it works….

It depends on your hearing, as to how deep you need to go into programming. Mine is very bad, so any improvement is welcome. I began January this year, and have made quite a difference considering the severe imbalance between my ears.

I hear a lot of environmental sounds, although sometimes difficult to tell what they all are. Hearing speech is the main concern, and it would be nice to hear TV/radio sound without loops. It’s getting there, but one day is different to the next. So I make small changes hoping to get the mix just right.

I have started from scratch more than once. The Wizard and the auto program are good to get started, but you need your audiogram, which should give a base to work from.
I find their changes too large, and use them as a rehearsal before going manual. I also find a slight mod to the audiogram, can get nearer to what you want without too much fine tuning.

I havnt posted for a while, so heres to a Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

The original audiogram Sept 2009 for the left, was –
250/70 – 500/115 – 1k/120 — 8k/120 – ear mould vent 0.9 – 1.1mm. They are probably right, calling it a dead ear!

The result was very loud, with uncomfortable LF thumping. I put up with this for over two months, before the gain was reduced at the hospital with little improvement.

I have been trying variations of the audiogram, since programming myself, and I am now using NAL NL1 fitting, for right and left.
In “iPFG Instruments” experience set at more than 6 years, and have tried Linear, non-linear and various compression and MPO settings.

As from late August 2011 the right has stabilised. The left is still variable, some times better than others.

Trial audiograms around 90db produce some very different results. But I still get distorted thumping on very loud music, or start of speech from radio/TV, which sounds like excessive bass. I need a certain level of bass to understand speech. These are the audiograms below and 5 or 10db variations have been tried.

1/ 250/110 – 500/90 – -- 4k/90

2/ 250/110 – 1k/90 - - 4k/90

With vents 0.6 to 0.8mm the graph is almost level from 125h to 1k. Results are a little better with speech from radio /TV, but more than two people talking in the same room is far too loud. Reducing MPO helps, but not enough.

Changing the vents to 0.9 to 1.1mm as original, gives a sloping graph. Number (1) above seems to be better in a car, and speech in noise. I tried this at a carol concert and could understand my wife sitting next to me, and someone six feet away, although people around me were all talking. When the music started, it was all very loud LF noise. Time to switch off!!

I am using number (2) at the moment. I can understand some TV sound on certain programs, but hearing family and friends is more difficult.

I am now trying to use the UCL to see if that helps. The software needs to re-calculate, but there appears to be no difference to the settings. I have set it to 250/85 - - 4k/85.
G80 has been reduced by 6db, and MPO is hard on that.
I wont know the answer until Im in noise over Christmas. If it works, it will be the best Christmas for six years - Heres hoping……