Programming Phonak Smart S V BiCROS

I am a new wearer of the BiCROS system and have been told by my audio that the only programming available is volume control for the buttons on the aids. It seems that other threads say otherwise. What is fact?

The buttons can be programmed to switch between manual programs if you have any assigned to you. By default you only have the automatic program.

I have an Audeo Smart 5 with my BI CROS and I have a bunch of program options, up to 5 choices

Thanks for your timely replies. What type of programs are available. I believe that my audio uses Target programming.

There are a number of program settings for the Phonak Smart/Bicros Hearing aids. Mine are set for Soundflow, with calm situations, speech in noise, comfort in noise, Music and mute. Bluetooth audio and Mobile phone programming are also changeable. The next time you are in the Audi office, ask him to let you see the screen under “Fitting” on TARGET software. On the left is a place to “Open program Manager”. It shows all the programs that are available for your aids. At the bottom of that column is a place to add programs.

Although the button on one aid changes programs and the button on the other aid controls the volume, it is much easier to buy a Pilot One devise that remotely allows you to change both volume and programs with out messing with the buttons.

I have had my Phonak Audeo Smart V BiCros aids and MyPilot remote for a little over two years now. I bought the MyPilot after realizing that the buttons on the aids can be programmed to control volume OR to switch programs BUT NOT BOTH at one time. Being able to control both volume and program selection independently is a great help to me in coping with different listening environments. I usually set the Program selection to “Automatic” for general use. The “Speech in Noise” program is a great asset in environments with background noise. I also have a “Music” setting for listening in quiet environments. I also sometimes set the right and left volume controls to different levels in group situations if some have loud or soft voices. Vic

I stand corrected. The buttons can be programmed for volume OR program changes. I’ve been using the Pilot One for so long, I forgot about how the buttons work. I also like using the last position for MUTE. There are a number of times I want to turn off the aids when the background noise is too great and don’t want to remove them.