Programming for muffled voices when wearing a mask?

I wear Phonak’s and use Phonak Target.

I would like to make a program to use when I encounter someone with a mask.

I found this on Facebook and they describe that masks make the voices sound muffled.

Target doesn’t list ‘muffled’ in the automatic adjustments part that you can make.

How can I make a good program to use when talking to someone with a mask? Is it literally increasing the highs?

I have never heard the word muffled before I saw this part on Facebook.

I have gone through this myself. What you are going to need to do is increase the highs to offset the lose of them cased by a mask as you said. The second the word muffled is slang for hard to hear. As everyone’s hearing lose is different it hard to say what will be perfect for you. This is a suggestion that I found online when I Googled it. I used it to start my mask correction program. It is from hearing review. com. The data show that each mask essentially serves as a low-pass filter, attenuating the high frequencies (2000-7000 Hz) spoken by the wearer, with the decibel (dB) level of attenuation ranging from 3 to 4 dB for a simple medical mask and close to 12 dB for the N95 masks . I used this as a foundation to work with and I now have a great program that offsets the loss of high frequencies so I can hear people with a mask. I hope this helps you out and have a great day.


Thank you so so much for this. When I googled it, nothing good really came up.

You are welcome and good luck.

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Well I’ve made a program for hearing people with masks and it really works well. I feel like I’m hearing them well from both ears.

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I am very happy it worked for you. I was amazed me how much of a difference it made Have a great day👍.

Why are you deleting all your posts?
I don’t see anything wrong with them, why delete them?

I am low vision and my reader doesn’t always read the right thing when it reads a post and makes them. I was trying to get the response to a person. When it reads back it did not say it posted right. So I posted it twice by mistake. As I learn more about posting and the brail reader adjust I will get better. I usually don’t use forums but my brother suggested that this might be a nice place to ask questions about hearing aids as I am also hearing impaired as well I will ask for a little understanding while I see how this works. Thank you for asking.


Ok, thanks.
That makes since.
I hope you enjoy this forum. It has been a big help for many people, including me.
I am in the middle of getting cochlear implants and the members here have been a huge help.
Hopefully you will get what you need too.

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So far it has been a good experience. Just some bumps in the road make funny things happen. That happens at my job too. Thank you for your question and good luck with your implants.

Good luck with your assessments and everything.

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Thanks for explaining. I’ve got a friend who is DeafBlind. She has Ushers. She’s just literally got bilateral cochlear implants.

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I use Jaws for windows to read and convert to Braille. It a great program but a little tricky in this format. Thank you for your feedback and have a great day.

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hearingaiduser2020, is there anything we can do to make the forum more accessible to you?

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No I just need to get use to it and how Jaws interacts with it. So far it has been very interesting. Only thing I ask it patience as I get use to it. Thank you for asking.