Programming Compilot II

Hi everyone

I’ve got a quick question if anyone is kind enough to help.

I’ve seen a post on here about turning off the mic on a compilot II through Target software.

My questions are do I need an icube for this, or can I just plug the compilot into my laptop via USB to make the change

And secondly where I can get the target software from

My HA’s are Nathos Auto M (NHS)

I tried contacting my audiology, but its a 2 month wait for appointments and don’t really want to take up an appointment space that could be better used by someone else


You’ll need to add your Aids as well.

You can sen set your Aids to be able to hold down the program button or ComPilot (-) button and it’ll turn off your HA Mics. That way, you can have both.

The Phonak Nathos Auto M are locked to the NHS but I can PM you the unlock code.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Do I need anything extra other than the compilot II and my HA’s. I’ve read about icube and another device which the name escapes me at the moment

Yes you’ll need a iCube II to add your Aids.

I’ll PM you now.

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