Programming CI

Have any of the CI members noticed what equipment and software is being used to program/tune their implant devices?
Asking out of curiosity.

I haven’t noticed, but I have only had the one appointment so far. I do know that it was a wireless connection, with something out of my sight. Also the programming of a CI is completely different then a hearing aid and given the level of FDA approval required the software is probably much more tightly controlled then for HAs.

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I agree about a tight reign on software and being totally different software.
The different CI manufacturers using particular hearing aid manufacturer for pairing leads me to think the CI software is probably following suit too.
From reading about CI activation and other fine tuning changes it seems very different but similar in other ways.

Sorry can’t help either. I’ve had several mappings now, but from where I sit when I’m hooked up to the computer, all I can see is the back of the computer. This is probably because when the Aud test my hearing she doesn’t want me to see when she hits the keys or when she taps the screen. So she gets a true audiogram if my hearing.

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@Raudrive so after my second mapping and some digging I have at least some more answers.

Each of the CI manufacturers has their own fitting software. Cochlear’s is called Custom Sound, AB’s is SoundWave, and Med-El’s is Maestro.

Only thing I can tell you about the hardware is that for Cochlear there is an adapter that is attached between the external component and its battery. It handles all the communication between the software and the CI.

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Sounds like the device between the CI attachment and the computer software is wired, not wireless. Like the HiPro used on hearing aids for example.
The software probably has similarities to hearing aid software too.

I have been wondering about loud noise for the CI patient, like mowing, running a chainsaw or job related loud noise.
Does loud noise damage your CI hearing like normal hearing? Would you need to remove the external component?

Thanks again for all the information.

It is a wireless device, I have a feeling it is a very power hungry one since my audiologist uses her own battery fresh off the charger instead of mine.

The actual fitting is very different. Since there is no testing to work from every thing is done off of what I hear. So first there are beeps played at low levels and you count how many you heard. this is done multiple times across the 22 channels (for Cochlear) then she set what was basically a comfortable loudness level by talking to me and turning things up until it got a little to loud and then back down. Then lastly there was a warble tone across three channels at a time where I was to determine if they were at the same loudness.

The CI itself has limiters to prevent overly loud noise coming in through it. However nerve damage could still be caused by very loud noises through the regular acoustic pathway, so I plan on continuing to use hearing protection when appropriate.

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Thanks again.

You are being extremely helpful.

Your description of how the programming set up went is great. Very helpful for the curious.

Loud noise damaging nerves. We are given a new chance to take care of our hearing.