Programming adapter 312

I have a programming adapter size 312 (P/N: 10175299) that I have used to program my Siemens Pure 701. I plan to get a new Siemens Pure Primax and self program it. The programming adapter 312 listed for Primax has a P/N of 10824469, but appears to be identical to the one I have. Is there a difference between the two? Do I need to buy the new adapter? Thank you.

Are you talking about the Pure 13BT? If so, that uses a different battery pill (size 13).

If they’re both programming pills and they’re both 312 sized, they should be interchangeable. However when I google the first part number, I came up with a flex strip, which is different. I didn’t see pictures though.

Thank you.
Signia/Siemen Pure Primax uses a size 13 battery pill. The pictures of its adapter (P/N 10824469), as shown on eBay, appear identical to the one I have which has a P/N of 10175299. If so, I wonder why they have different P/Ns

I’m a little confused. You initially stated 312. Now you’re stating 13. Depending on which Primax you have , it could use size 10, 312 or 13 batteries. If it needs a battery pill and not a flex strip, then you just need to have the right size. Parts numbers vary. Pictures of pills and flex strips are available at

My apologies for the typo error. The size is 312 not 13.
The adaptor that I have used to program my Siemens Pure 701 with Noah Link is a CS44 Programming Adapter Size 312 (flex strip), P/N 10824469, that I bought 6 years ago. The CS44 programming adapter 312 specified for Siemens Pure Primax that I plan to buy is also a flex strip but has a P/N of 10824469. Both adapters are the same size and from the same company, but with different P/Ns. Are there any differences?

I would be really surprised if the Signia Primax used a flex strip. I’m pretty sure it uses a programming pill. The programming pill looks like a little battery on one end. A flex strip does not. In the link in my previous email, the default picture is a programming pill. The second (smaller) picture is a flex strip. To use a programming pill, one removes the battery and the pill replaces it. The different numbers don’t necessarily concern me but you need to be clear on the difference between a flex strip and a programming pill.

Thank you MDB.
The programming adapter that I have and the adapter specified for Siemens Pure Primax both looks exactly like the programming pill shown on the link in your previous post; I was mistaken to refer to them as flex strips. The adapter shown on the link has a P/N of 10828869 (the same as the P/N specified for Pure Primax) which is different from the P/N of the adapter that I have.

My take is that the part numbers don’t matter. I reposted your original post in the DIY thread where I think PVC will respond. He has a lot more experience than me.