Program Hansaton Sound SHD

Is there a wireless way to program my aids myself? 2 days ago both aids lost power. They still work, but the tone when turning on is almost impossible to hear, and the volume is not nearly enough. This happened quickly with the right, and a day later the left aid. They were working great, haven’t been wet or damaged in any way.

Check for wax buildup on receivers/speakers and maybe change the wax filters.

Check for microphone blockage and maybe gently brush the microphone ports.

Magnifying glass or macro camera might help with inspection.

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Thanks. They look clean but I’ll check again.

You’re right!!! That’s all it was. I’ve never taken the domes off before, but when I did I could see that the small white plastic tips (wax guard?) were plugged.:roll_eyes:


get an icube 2 off of ebay you will need the hansaton scout software if u want to program them. message me for link

Isn’t the iCube II only for Phonak and Untrion hearing aids?

It’s a Sonova sub-brand, scroll down.

icube 2 works fine with my Hansaton aids, they now use unitron technology

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