Profound loss of high frequencies

I have profound loss of high frequencies, but hear low frequencies well. I would like to hear from others with the same problem. I have Oticon Opn bte hearing aids and find they are next to useless. Even with the aids, I can’t understand a conversation in a room, or even a television broadcast. What is your experience? Any advice ?

We all have different types of hearing losses.
What is your word recognition scores? No matter what your audiogram looks like if you can not understand words communication will be difficult.
With high frequency hearing loss some people have great luck with frequency lowering technology. Are your aids set up using this technology? I have used Phonak aids with good results using this technology.
Good luck.


Ideally post your audiogram and tell us your word recognition scores.


I have exactly that. Profound hearing loss of high frequencies. I wear Resound aids and can clearly define speech both spoken and amplified (TV) with my aids. Without them, I struggle to understand anything spoken to me in a normal conversation. I would suggest you work with your audiologist for a resolution, or move on the another if necessary.

“Profound hearing loss of high freqencies” is not very definitive. That could be used to describe both Raudrive and me. Raudrive is in the process of getting bilateral cochlear implants. I actually do pretty well without hearing aids. The details matter.


“Not very definitive”? That’s sufficiently definitive to anyone not splitting extraneous hairs.

OK, what do YOU mean by high frequency loss? To me, it’s anything from 2-4khz on up. A complete loss of 6-8 khz is unlikely to have much, if any impact. Even not being able to hear 4khz is often not much of a problem. 2-3khz is critical.

It will be helpful if you posted your audiogram. I am currently using Phonak Naida V90 SP and have the Compilot 2 and TV link streamer. I hear the TV pretty good with the streamer watching the tv along with captions. If I am not watching TV, I don’t understand the broadcast. Sometimes frequency lowering technology can help and not all with profound hearing loss will benefit from it.

I have severe profound high frequency loss in both ears. My WRS in my L ear was 22% and my R ear was 26%. From memory my binaural was 38% it might have been very low 40’s. I had Phonak aid with SR2, but they didn’t help very much at all…

I moved on and had a CI 18 months ago It was the best thing I ever did.

Hey, thx for your reply. I don’t have my word reçognition scores but am sure they are low. Yes my Oticons do have frequency lowering component, but I don’t find it very helpful. I will soldier on.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you wear your aids every day?
We’re your aids professionally fit? We’re they fit with REM?
Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to understand your situation. Each question has a reason based on you being able to understand speech.

Hi. Thx for your reply. Yes, I have concerns about my audiologist and am thinking about trying another. It seems most other users are happy with their HAs and I wonder why I am not. Best.

Hi, thanks for wading in on this topic. I’m no expert in the matter and appreciate any comments . At 1Khz my hearing is measured as about 50 db, at 3 and 4 Khz the measures are 70 and 80 db. Does that help you understand my situation?

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I wore my aids everyday for about 18 months. Since I don’t find them helpful, and because I’m not out as much (pandemic), I havent worn them much for the past year. Yes, they were fit professionally by one of the larger national companies. I don’t know what REM stands for. I’m pretty sure you’re not referring to the rock group (Everybody Hurts, lol)


that stands for real ear measurement :slight_smile:

I would recommend getting retested and find out what your word recognition scores are. If you’ve gone without hearing a bunch of sounds for sometime (implied by not wearing hearing aids for some time), I’m guessing word recognition is low and it will take a fair amount of effort and time to be able to understand speech. Your loss should be pretty aidable up to 4khz or so which should give the potentia for decent speech understanding. Also ask yourself how motivated you are to make this work. Hearing aids are definitely not a quick fix.
and REM is Real Ear Measurement. It assures that your ear is really getting the prescribed amount of gain.

I have Oticon Opn1 HAs and high frequency loss. I found the “speech rescue”, i.e. frequency shift, to be quite helpful for understanding my wife’s words.

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I have the same problem, but with my Paradise HAs, I can do a crude increase in the mids and upper frequencies by using the EQ in the app. It helps tremendously.