Profound Hearing loss & partial recovery

Hi everybody,
I suffered a profound sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear on the 13th of May & the audiometry report showed a loss of more than 90dB.
From the very next day I was put on a course of the steroid Deflazocort(Cortimax) , 48 mg per day & thereafter it was tapered away for a 30 days treatment.
My hearing has improved & I can hear low frequencies upto 1KHz clearly & the audiometry report now states morderately severe sensorineural hearing loss .
The doctor has put me on a long course of the herbal Medicine Ginko Biloba ta 40mg twice a day & hopes that it would improve the microcirculation of the brain & lead to further improvement.
I have constant tinnitus & my hearing is not improving any further.
Should I wait for some positive effects of the medicine or should I opt for an hearing aid?


Congratulations! I lost my hearing in my right ear June 9th did the steroids still nothing. :frowning: I hope your hearing gets better. I am looking for a new doctor. One with new ideas.

I am sorry to hear about both your hearing losses, but at least you recovered some of your hearing shantanu and that’s a blessing… I can relate to most of what you must be going through! 20 years ago I caught a viral flu and overnight I went deaf (been a hearing aid user since) for someone like me who’s love of life was folk music, my life seemed to stop and the take a severe downward spiral. I lost my job, I was a construction contracts manager, I had at the time a moderate/severe loss (now severe/profound!). Meniers disease kicked in, horrendous Tinnitus from day one, balance problems also! I became reclusive as I was the butt of everyone’s jokes, I survived on benefits for years as no one would employ me, I recall filling in over 40 job applications in one month alone, each of these jobs I was more than qualified to do, I got one reply saying thanks for your application… Eventually depression hit me and I bottomed out! This process took several years before I took a proactive roll in claiming my life back, you must seek help, especially from like minded souls, join a deaf club, take up sign language classes and lip reading classes, get some counseling, because you are going to need all these to help you cope! I wasted many years and lost all my self-esteem, it took me years to get my confidence back! I would defo go for hearing aids sooner rather than later shantanu as your hearing is damaged, if you can afford them?

Marg, I am very, very sorry to be blunt! If you have a Bilateral Sensory Neural Loss, the hair cells in your cochlear are beyond repair (unless stem cells can sort them at some point in the future?) then you have to except your loss! I was in denial for many years, I thought I would have a miraculous recovery and all the Doctors I’ve seen over the years were all wrong… Until you except this is me now, you can’t move on with your life!

Good luck to you both. Cheers Kev.

So the right is is normal? What does your doctor say? Does he think there will be any further improvement? You will probably want to talk to a local audiologist but a hearing aid might help.

No rush though because things may still change a little. Also, if one ear is normal and the other is moderately severe, you may not like how things sound (one processed, one natural) although you would probably get used to it, but that’s an issue for the pros to comment on.

While I think the doctor can answer this question better then anyone I personally would hold off buying an aid as long as I am on medication to try and improve my hearing

Sorry Shantanu, I misread your post, I’m dyslexic which does not help:D

If you have only one ear down, then you can afford to hang off as Don and Hask have suggested! Was it a viral infection or did the not know what was the cause of your sudden hearing loss?

Good luck, cheers Kev.

Sorry I was out of town & could not reply to your valued responses.

In the meantime I consulted a nerotologist who suggested that I should not wait for more than 12 weeks before starting to use a hearing-aid.His logic is that the processing power of the brain in combining the left & right signals decays with disuse.He also said that in sudden sensorineural hearing loss the maximum recovery is achieved within 3 months…so why wait any further?

But ,as all of you suggest ,I shall go with the option of wait-and -watch without opting for a hearing aid right now…who knows,I might be lucky…

Thanks to all of you for being such a tremendous support.

Thanks to the people who gave me advise about my hearing loss. Unfortunately, I just found out my spouse has neglected to pay the health insurance so I can’t get any more medical advise. I have to figure out how to pay for the medical information I have gotten. I can hear perfectly in one ear so that is the best I can do. I am hoping to get new insurance but I don’t know if the BAHA or any other hearing aid will be covered. thank you everyone.

13 days ago I experienced ISSHL (non-contrast MRI/blood work negative). It took 72 hours to receive treatment. I was put on oral corticosteroids (10 days @ 60mg/day) and antivirals (5 days @ 3g/day). 7 days ago I began intratympanic steroid injections and hyperbolic oxygen treatment (twice a week). The treatment has not had ANY impact.

My audiogram showed that ALL of my hearing is gone in my left ear. I have some hope, but SSD does not bother me. I have been doing a great job at blocking out the tinnitus - so I am not bothered by this either (even though it is present in my left ear).

Before the incident I was a super healthy and extremely active person; however, now I am immobile because of the constant dizziness and vertigo. I know that this condition varies case by case, but I thought asking someone experience/expertise may be the best place to seek answers.

a)When can I expect the dizziness and vertigo to dissipate? (I want to start hiking, biking, and weight training again)
b) I have a fear of losing the hearing in my right ear. There is less than a 3% chance, but if this happens, when would this occur? (Ie.a few days, weeks, years after?..)
c) Any other advice?

Thanks for all your help and comments.

I also had a viral flu 5 years ago and recovered some hearing after 6 months. The 1st ENT didn’t believe me because it’s relatively rare for adults and it happens more in children. Steroids did not help. When I got my hearing test, only the very high frequencies were affected, not the ones for speech. He didn’t recommend HA’s at the time. I did and still do, have titinnus from day 1. It sounds like a sea shell held up to the ears with some buzzing included. Last year I got sick again and now I have bi-lateral moderate loss and have HA for 6 months now. This happened when I was laid off and on Cobra. Music all sounds terrible through the tiny speakers. I only listen to talk radio now. I just started a new job after more than a year. but I am so frustrated trying to use the phone. Only the office phone is a problem. I use a headset which is great when the signal is clear, but if there is a bad connection, especially from a cell phone caller, most of the voice is distorted. Home and cell are very clear just holding the phone to my HA (no telecoils). Trying to hang on to my job at this point. Don’t know what else to do. This forum has been great.


I can relate to your problems! You have to be upfront with your boss or explain to your line manager about the phone calls from cell phones, he/she can’t help unless they are aware of the problem, try and pick the one you get on best with? Your company should make reasonable adjustments to help improve your lot! There are 100’s of environmental aids to assist you at work, especially for phones:D

Check out this UK site, there will be many like it in the States!

Good luck, cheers Kev:D

Your story is eerie familiar. The only difference is I lost hearing in my right ear. The cause was said to be a “fast-acting viral infection”. Has the dr performed blood tests and MRI? Personally, I would wait a little bit to see if your hearing stabilizes. If the hearing loss stays moderately severe, then I would look into CROS hearing aids or the BAHA. I hate to sound negative, but chances are your hearing will not improve and maybe get worse. Just seems to be the way sudden hearing loss works. There is a window of opportunity to get your hearing back with steriods…like 14 days. In my opinion, I would hold off on getting any type of hearing aid… then when the hearing stabilizes look at your options.
I lost my hearing last July suddenly. The hearing was gone and the horrific squeal began. Traumatic, devastating to say the least. I am also a speech therapist, so adequate hearing is a must in my field. After being followed by an otolaryngologist for almost a year, we decided on the BAHA. Now it was an huge insurance battle on my part. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina are a bunch of assholes…that’s the nicest way I can put it! I had surgery Aug 9th and now awaiting activation day. I think the BAHA is the better option over the Cros hearing aids… less feedback and nothing hooked to your ear or stuck in your ear canal.