Profile Flag not Saving


I cannot get the US flag to “stick” to my profile with Chrome or IE.

Clicking “Save” says the changes are saved, but if I exit the browser & then return, the flag reverts to “None”. and a broken graphic.


@abram_bailey_aud should be able to help you out?!


Can you show us a screen clip of where you are trying to save the flag?


Is it at the bottom of Profile?



It says it is saving the settings but it doesn’t save it. I have tried it now about a dozen times


I agree with @cvkemp Let me know if you still need the location. It looks like @pvc is looking at the same place.

It says that the flag is saved but if you close the browser tab & open a new one, it has not been saved.


The fix to this issue will require an update to the forum software, so please be patient while we get it sorted out.


This is now working as intended, as far as I can tell. I am no longer a user without a country.