Profesional Speaker

I am new to wearing hearing aids and have trouble using them when I give talks to groups. I find it imposible to gauge my voice tone or level and so have resorted to taking them out when I am giving talks. I use Oticon HS Tego hearing aids that have volume controls. I also find it difficult to use them while on the computer as the noise from the computer is too loud. Anyone else have these problems? Any sugestions for imporment?

Often the voice issues occur because the ear is occluded and blocked…kind of like sticking your fingers in your ears and talking.

Suggest having your audi make the vents larger and shorter, thus lessening the occlusion effect.

If this doesn’t work, you may want to consider open fit hearing aids. I just fit a professional motivational speaker with her first set of hearing aids. She needed to be able to hear way in the back of the room when her attendees ask quesitons. Thus, we fit the Phonak Micro Eleva with the watchpilot remote control, so if there is a soft spoken person way in the back, she can just raise the volume on both hearing aids by tapping on her watch. She likes the watch versus hand held remote, as she already has to hold on to a remote for powerpoint and sometimes a handheld microphone when no lapel mic is available.

Hope this helps you out.