Production Begins on First FDA-Registered UV-Sterilizing Clear Mask

My big question how do you breath in those things? I have hard enough time breathing in a thin cloth mask, that I get away with but I know does not good.
I am someone that has a very hard time breathing without something over my nose and mouth.

They claim a high surface area filter. Guess we’ll see!

Any mention of price?

There are prices on the Indiegogo page. I backed the model with the built-in UVC for cleaning. Interesting stuff. I also like the Sanitizer station/dock but can’t find any info anywhere online. There are a few sanitizer boxes that I’ve looked at before but haven’t bought one yet.

Thanks. Looks like ~$500 for two masks. The associated filters and UV are not cheap either. It might make sense in some health care institutions, but seems impractically expensive to me.

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$89 for one UV model w/ 2 months worth of filtration. That’s the catch though. Everyone has moved to the subscription model (“consumables”). Even my trash can. :roll_eyes:

I read the article you provided, then searched some others as well. I would want a LOT more info before using these for covid 19 protection. “exhaust valves” and “2 fans” to regulate humidity, co2 etc. . . . are these masks to protect the wearer, or the person in front of them? I couldn’t figure it out. Surgical masks are designed to protected the wearer. The fabric masks many of us are now wearing due to covid 19 are meant to protect the person in front of me (NOT me).

I kept looking for who the target market is, who these masks are designed FOR, but that info is not apparent.