Product information posts are some of the most valuable posts on the forum. How should they be handled?

  • Thread should be “stickied.”
  • All product info threads should be grouped in a Product info category and locked except for adding more product info.
  • Should be left as it is.
  • Thread should be closely moderated to place extraneous posts in another or new thread.

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The easiest thing to do is just create a tag like “product info” and add the tag to those posts… then just click on the tag to see them.

Update: Topics tagged product-info


That’s a neat feature. We’re still left with these abominably long threads. Will be curious what others think. Realized this has been hashed out many times but I don’t think we’ve ever had a survey. This was very spur of the moment. If anybody wants to put more thought into a survey, have at it. :>)

Oh, I missed that you were making the suggestion that product info posts not be commented on… Yeah, I mean, we have a product database on Hearing Tracker that is probably a more sensible place to reference product information. Since most of the product info pages appear to be Costco related I’ll share these two examples:

If a product page is missing on Hearing Tracker just bug me to add it. I personally think the forum isn’t really the place to have these pages, other than that they seed a lively discussion.

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“stickied” - then you get a clutter of stickied topics at the top
category - may as well just do Abrams idea of the main site off the forum…which I personally don’t look at due to being US-centric.
extraneous - seems a little godly to decide what gets moved elsewhere…isn’t it interesting that the OP of note doesn’t seem to care how the conversation wanders.

As I’ve talked about with other members in the past…a topic thread about always circles back after brief excursions.

The summarize button seems to help. I had not seen it till a day or two ago. Maybe that is where moderation could be done? Maybe there could be tags within a thread? The KS9 thread has more than 950 replies. It has much more real world info than the site link but is hard to read for a new comer. Is that better than 95 threads with 10 posts? I don’t know.

To me, shorter wandering threads are less annoying, but when they approach 1000 posts, I find them to be an issue. I know it’s been discussed before but thought a poll might give a better feel of the forums overall take on the issue.

I haven’t voted yet because I can’t decide what might be best. Each has good and bad aspects. Does that point at leave as is and hope for a better solution?

OK, I closed the poll. I have two takeaways and one suggestion. For most of those that bothered to vote, the current setup is less than satisfying. However, since not many people voted, I have to conclude that it’s not really an issue for most forum members.
Suggestion for @AbramBaileyAuD Could it be setup to notify forum members when info on a new hearing aid model is posted on the main Hearing Tracker Page (with a link)?

Yes, I will certainly make an attempt to post new products in the product-info tag area going forward.


On locking the thread and restricting it to product info only, not user comments, I find user comments on products, not the product info itself, the most useful forum information. I never trust the transcribed product info on the forum, say HA specs. I always go to the manufacturer’s website directly. The Hearing Tracker posts of new product info, though, are very useful in calling one’s attention to new products. It’s the manufacturer, not Hearing Tracker, though, that’s going to warrant the product if I buy it and I doubt the OEM will honor a product description on Hearing Tracker, especially if there is a typo or other error in the product description - mentioned before in another thread. I think Abram Bailey’s suggestion to include a special product info tag is a great idea - and even better if only Hearing Tracker admins can apply that tag just to prevent forum members from applying that tag willy-nilly and adding “noise” when one filters on that special tag to find original product info posts (and forum admin follow-up comments to the original post?).