Problems with Smart Connect Bluetooth streamer and Trax 42 XL

When I connect to my iPhone 5s the phone battery only lasts 4 hours if I am using the phone a lot. Previously when using the Resound Linx 2 with latest software the phone battery lasted all day. Plus the ugly neck pendant for the Smart Connect Bluetooth streamer is a pain in the neck if you will pardon the pun. In my opinion the Trax 42 is superior to the Resound Linx 2 for speech in noise and general word recognition. I am about to return the Smart Connect Bluetooth streamer. Since I use a custom mold I cannot hear the phone (land line or iPhone) without removing the HA first. The t-coil is not a solution for me. The model is Trax 42 XM not XL. Suggestions?

Exchange the Smart Connect for a new one. I had similar problems with the battery after about two months in. They replaced it and it was much better. 2-3 times the battery life, at least. You probably got a unit with a faulty battery…happens all the time with new devices.

Rexton/Seimens was very efficient and replaced with no question.