Problems with Rexton Mini Blu RCU

About three weeks ago I replaced my old hearing aids with the Kirkland BTE RCE (Behind the Ear/ Receiver in the ear) Signature ($1995/pair) at Costco. Very pleased with these hearing aids.

I also got the Rexton Mini Blu. ($400 more) This connects with my Android phone and streams through both hearing aids. I can also play music from BT sources. Sound and quality are quite good.

HOWEVER, the Rexton Mini Blu (worn as a pendant or clipped to my clothing) seems to have some serious design flaws,

  1. Must be within 24" or so of the hearing aids to work. Not a huge problem, except

  2. The microphones in the Mini Blu are located on the front and top of the Mini Blu. These microphones are where the sound is accessed when I am speaking on the phone. The MB hanging from a lanyard, easily turns around and then the front microphone rubs against my shirt and causes noises that I can’t hear, but the person I am talking to, can hear! I hear, “Sounds like you are in a windstorm.”

So in order to get around this, I have to hold the MB in my hand while on the phone. This IS a problem, and

  1. An even bigger problem is that the MB has three buttons on the front that are too easily pressed, like if I am carrying something. These buttons, when accidentally pressed, cause the bluetooth to quit working.

One button should be pressed to seek other BT sources. Pressing this seems to disconnect my phone BT.

Another button accesses different programs on my hearing aids. So I go from automatic phone, to the “Loud environment” – or the "multiple people speaking " – or whatever else is programmed in the aids.

Another button is the button I press to answer the phone, also to hang up. Too many times, I accidentally press this button in the middle of conversations, particularly since it is winter and I put on a heavy coat over the pendant/Mini Blu.

An additional quirk is that the Min Blu pendant has an always blinking green light when it is turned on. This seems to serve no other purpose than to let you know it is on and working. A large number of people are drawn to this blinking light and ask me what is this thing around your neck?

Others who may not ask spend a bit of time looking at my chest, trying to figure out what is causing the bright blinking green light. I have more sympathy, now, with women who have men talking to their chest! LOL

Wearing it clipped to my clothing only solves the problem of it turning around and getting wind noise rubbing against my shirt.

I like the Kirkland Signature Hearing aids, but the Mini Blu is causing me to think I need to research other blu tooth hearing aids.

Any suggestions???

I am having the same issues with some additions:

  1. The unit tuns itself off arbitrarily (full charge)
  2. I get beeps at times when there should be no reason to get them (single).
  3. The unit will not reconnect to a Bluetooth device if you move out of range
  4. The unit loses Bluetooth connection for no reason

I have written twice to the manufacturer but received only curt messages to see my technician and have them call the factory. The technician is at a loss as to why the unit is doing some of the things it is doing.

On an up note, I was having some different issues earlier but a reset was able to correct. This time though the reset apparently had no effect.

I fixed the turning around issue by taking two mid length nylon wire ties and taping them from the straps to the unit. It is just a tad cumbersome but stopped the rotation of the unit. Now, I hardly notice it.

I currently have the full size Tek and when I wear it (seldom) I just slip it in my shirt pocket. It has a lock so no problems weith it changing. I lay it on the arm of the chair when watching TV no problem. I’m getting the miniTek with my new aids.

Solved the problem with it flopping around on my chest by clipping it to a neck hung badge holder.

Still having the above problems, plus

Often when I make a call the other person can’t hear me though I can hear them. I have to hang up and then, with my next call, they hear me well.

Batteries in the aids will not last for more than 5 hours while using Bluetooth heavily. Rexton tech confirmed this. I would be OK if they were a little larger with a battery that was bigger and lasted longer.

You must take off the remote and put it on the USB charger before putting the hearing aids in their charger, or you can turn the aids back on and they will not charge. Of course they make a beeping sound when they are not charging, but with them in the charger, how can the hearing impaired know they are beeping???

In order to make the aids small, they left out the circuit that disables the buttons. One post above mentions the TEK. This had buttons you could disable so you don’t accidently hit them and change things.

But the hearing aids really sound great! Blutooth may be still needing help.

This is my first time on this forum, so forgive me if I am posting incorrectly.

I don’t have anything to add to the present comments. I have a question regarding the Rexton Mini Blu RCU. When it is connected to the charger, the green light on top of it sometimes turns red. What does the red light indicate? Two attempts of asking this question to Costco Hearing Aid personnel got no answer.

I use it with a transmitter to hear the TV through my hearing aids, which is a fantastic improvement. It stays connected to the charger, and I turn it on only when I am watching TV.

The red light indicates a low battery. It can be red even if it’s charging.