Problems with ReSound dot 10?

I am 34 and have low frequency hearing loss in my left ear. My audiologist reccomended the dot10 by resound and today is my first day wearing it. I immediately heard a constant “hiss” from the device. My audiologist tested it and said that she did not hear the “hiss” and it was probably just background noise like the computer or air conditioning that I was not use to hearing. I have been wearing it all day, in all different situations, and the “hiss” is still there. Has anyone else had this problem?

It’s most likely analogue or digital circuit noise.

You need ‘expansion’ to be turned on to help minimise this. (Should already be activated)

You probably have a ‘very good’ region of your audiogram where you are picking up the aid’s internal working hiss. If so, the gain needs to be reduced at this frequency band where you are especially sensitive.

Also, I think that to use a dot10 with a low frequency loss you may need a fairly solid earmould.

Wow-great advice! That absolutely explains why I would here it and she would not! Thank you so much!