Problems with Oticon ON app dropping Bluetooth connection with iPhone while talking


Thank you for contacting Oticon, we apologize for the delay in responding to your email. Before determining if it’s the Oticon ON App, you can pair your OPN hearing aids directly to the iPhone and not install the Oticon ON App. The OPN hearing aids are MFI (Made for iPhone) and the iPhone can be used without the ON app to make calls and stream media/audio.

Attached is the latest guide for connecting OPN hearing aids to the iPhone. I suggest removing the ON app, un-pair the devices, turn off/on phone, and then start from scratch. Please be aware when pairing your OPN hearing aids to your iPhone, it’s recommend to use new batteries (not rechargeable) to pair to your aids to your phone. From the latest guide that I’ve attached, follow pages 4 – 7 to pair your OPN hearing aids to your iPhone, do NOT install the Oticon ON app at this time. Verify if your connection remains between your OPN hearing aids and iPhone, if it does, then install the Oticon ON App. Verify if the connection remains or disconnects while using the Oticon ON app, or are you remaining paired to your iPhone but being disconnected from the app only?

Here are a couple of web links that will also provide some assistance, but I’ve included my direct line if you need further assistance:

OPN Instructional Videos: YouTube

Oticon Quick Guide for Re-pairing OPN hearing aids:

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly.

Have a wonderful day!

Julie McClain

End User Support Special


Thank You much appreciated reply & information. I now have all the latest updates to iPhone IOS 12 and to Oticon hearing aids with firmware 6.0
I followed your instruction of un-pairing hearing aids from iPhone & starting over from scratch. Short phone call made and seem to be ok so re-downloaded ON app & appears to work. So time will tell, will use for few days & see if connection remains or one ear or other drops call while talking continues to be problem hope not.
Will give you follow up after Thanksgiving unless problem remains as bad as it was. Hopefully updated firmware to 6.0 & IOS 12 plus following your suggestions solves problem


Thank you for posting Oticon’s detailed response to you. Good information. From it, I learned to use new batteries when pairing and not the Z power rechargeable batteries! I dumped the ON app after the latest upgrade and only use the MFI function…but I am pretty sure I paired using the Z power rechargeable. I don’t have a problem with drops, but I do have a problem with the left not connecting to bluetooth on both my iPhone and iPad. I will follow their directions re pairing using fresh batteries. I knew not to use the rechargeables when programing at the Audi’s.
One thing I will mention, if your battery is low, bluetooth will not stream calls, even though the HA still works, so I found that I was replacing batteries before the low battery signal if I was going to be using the phone. Another reason why I love the Zpower.
Thanks again for sharing.


Not for ON app but you can access the accessibility from the lock screen. Just triple click the power button quickly while the iPhone is locked (This is for iPhone X and XS users, might be home button for other iPhone models) and then I can access the settings from my lock screen and amend volume and programs etc as preferred.

Can use 3D Touch on the ON app and it also brings up the programs via their quick access menu without going into the app.


Yeah, I know that you can control the volume change and program through the IPHONE lock screen. But Mikejt specifically claimed that it can be controlled on ANDROID lock screen (not iPhone lock screen), which I’m not aware is really doable.


You asked if it could be done via iPhone. That’s why I responded accordingly. See your post above.


This query was the one in question. Unless I misread?


Yes, indeed you’re right that I actually asked if you can use the ON app’s volume and program change from the iPhone’s lock screen. I knew that you can use the MFI controls from the iPhone lock screen, but I also knew that you cannot use the ON app controls from the iPhone lock screen.

I think I also meant to ask if anyone knew whether the ON app controls can be done via an Android phone’s lock screen. But I forgot to phrase my question that way, however. Of course we also all know that there’s no MFI interface on Android phone so there’s no need to ask of MFI controls work on Android lock screen or not.

Thanks for your clarification. I understand why you answered about the iPhone MFI controls via the lock screen now,.


See email reply I posted from Oticon from Julie
I have up date firmware as you suggested to 6.0 and iPhone 8 to lastest IOS 12. I then followed Julie recommendation to deflect the ON App and start over with re pairing Oticon hearing aids to phone and redownloading the App
Now for last 5 days with extended use of phone Bluetooth connection I have not had Any disconnect in over 12 hours of phone calls
Happiness :kissing_heart::telephone_receiver:
I think problem resolved
It be important to maintain updates to firmware on my Oticon Aids


Correct typo
Delete App


21 days update since update firmware to 6.0 on hearing aids
So far so good Oticon Bluetooth connection to iPhone 8 with update to iOS 12.1
All working perfect as it should
No drop connections while talking on phone :blush::+1: