Problems with Iphone

From apple insider:

Users of iOS 4 on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS say their handset has constantly dropped wireless Bluetooth connections with both headsets and in-car systems.

Numerous users contacted AppleInsider to say that they have experienced a number of problems specific to iOS 4 with Bluetooth connectivity. A number of people who upgraded their iPhone 3GS found that their phone’s Bluetooth became problematic, even though it worked fine before the iOS 4 update. And others who bought a new iPhone 4 have encountered some of the same issues.

“Nearly every time I’m in my car the iPhone disconnects from the built-in Bluetooth system,” one reader with an iPhone 4 wrote. “This never, ever happened with my 3G phone. I have a case number with AppleCare and they refuse to acknowledge the problem or replace the phone, even after having the problem persist after downloading a fresh copy of IOS 4, reinstalling the software and setting the phone up bare with no other apps. Could this be another antenna problem?”

In numerous threads on the official Apple Discussions forums, users have shared similar problems (1, 2, 3, 4). Those threads have only grown since iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 were released in late June.

Users have said that their Bluetooth connections will sporadically drop after the two devices are successfully paired. Others can connect, but are met with a message that says “no media found” when trying to play music. And some said they have experienced muffled voices when placing a call over Bluetooth.

Some users on the forums noted that the recent iOS 4.0.1 update did not fix the Bluetooth issues. The minor update featured a cosmetic fix that changed how the iPhone reports bars of signal strength.

The Bluetooth pairing issues are said to exist across a range of devices, including vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, car stereos from Pioneer and Alpine, and headsets from Motorola and Jawbone.

Some said they have fixed the problem by resetting the phone’s settings. This can be done by launching the Settings application, choosing General, Reset, and Reset All Settings. Interestingly, the same fix was said to work for some who experienced issues with the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4. Apple has said it is working on a software fix for the proximity sensor problems with the iPhone 4, but has made no mention of the reported Bluetooth problems.

No problems here with my iPhone 4 and Bluetooth devices. It regularly connects to my '10 Lexus RX 350, a Sound ID 510 headset, and two Bose SoundDock 10’s, with no issues or need to re-pair.

what hi d you have

Do you know of any issues with the Touch? I upgraded to 4.0 and have been having some issues with the Bluetooth connection to my Streamer cutting in and out at times. I’m not sure if this is normal. One day it started going in and out continually so that it was unusable. I unpaired the Streamer and turned the iPod off and back on, and that seemed to fix the problem.

I believe they use the same OS so in theory should have the same problem

Apparently advanced phones, like iPhones, have more than one Bluetooth profile and thus sometimes “request information” from the the Bluetooth device it is connected to (eg Streamer) which in turn causes sounds, alerts, silences and discontections.
Since upgrading to my Streamer to v1.3 (which is an upgrade for people with iPhones or similiar smart phones only) all my issues with my iPhone have been solved.
Audios can upgrade Streamers. Remember to ask for the new Instructions for Use for v1.3.

Nothing but problems with IOS4 on my 3g.

I would like to say that i have used my Iphone for one year , but untile now , there is no problem with it .

you probably need an upgrade to 1.3 streamer firmware

Aid; Phonak Nadia
Blue Tooth is Phonak Icom
Phone: Iphone 4, now with OS 4.1(it shipped with 4.0.2 so could not yet jailbreak it anyway)

Horrible sound quality. Users cannot hear ME at all or very poorly.

Does have VERY good battery life on the iphone 4 with Bluetooth running.

The Icom has worked flawlessly with almost any sound using app and works GREAT just for listening to music on the Ipod function of the phone.

Relative to phone usage, about all I’ve been able to use the Icom for is to HEAR the phone ring via the Icom. I guess I am fortunate in that I can hear with the iphone against my Nadia just fine. When I answer a call with the Icom paired, the iphone screen gives the option of using the Icom, Phone or Speaker.

The Icom worked best when paired with either a Sony Ericssen or Motorola flip phone.

Again, it is NICE to be able to listen to music or play a game on the iphone with the icom and not have the sound bother those around me, but that’s a total bloody cop out I know since that is not the purpose of my having the Icom.

Joe Roosth, MD
Pearland, Texas

with the IOS 4.1 upgrade, my iphone is back to normal.

I have had the 1.3 update since I got my Streamer, so that isn’t the problem. My iPod was just updated to 4.1, and I was hopeful that it might improve the Bluetooth situation. Unfortunately, it has not. I still get a lot of cutting in and out, particularly in one part of town. There must be something in the area that is interfering with the Bluetooth. Turning off Wi-Fi on the iPod doesn’t help. In other areas it works well most of the time with only occasional minor loss of signal. I had planned to try contacting Apple to ask if they had any information on compatibility with the Streamer. I found that you can only communicate with Apple on technical issues by phone. Has anyone else found a way to contact Apple by E-mail? It’s very frustrating to be hearing impaired and forced to communicate by phone, when in the best case you end up missing things.

Today was my first day with my new HAs and streamer, and I held a 1 hr phone conversation on my iPhone while walking outdoors. Call did not get dropped, but after the call, I tried listening to some music on the iPhone thru Streamer and it wouldn’t work properly.

I’d go to a playlist, and after 30 seconds or less, the playlist would skip to the next song. It was weird. From this thread, I now know that I have an older Streamer version (1.2) which bugs me, so hopefully the audiologists can update that next week at my appt.

Bummer to see that Apple is such a pain about phone only tech support.:mad: