Problems talking on the phone with ReSound LiNX 3D RIC

I used to have confidence while talking on the phone with BTE (Resound Live). But now, I have ITE (or RIC? Resound Linx 3D) it doesn’t work the same way with using the phone unless it’s Bluetooth which I don’t like.

I’m a long time BTE wearer for 30 years+ until two years ago when I purchased ITE. I found a lot of problems with it causing me feel social isolating, depression, and want to stay home all the time because of embarrassment in my social life. I couldn’t even talk on the phone unless I put it on speaker. No I do not like Streaming for phone.

Do you guys have the same problem?

Resound Linx 3D - purchased April 2018
When did Resound Quattro with rechargeable box came out? My audiologist never mention that to me until I found out she sells them.

Your hearing loss id very similar to my loss, I use Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids and I do use the Bluetooth streaming for my calls, and it is the only way I can hear over the phone other than using the speaker phone setting. But in a few days I will be getting new hearing aids, they will be Oticon OPNS1 Rite aids but I know I will still have to depend on the Bluetooth streaming to hear phone calls.

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Okay, thank you for your input. With the BTE I had, I never had to put on speaker to hear on the phone. Did this happen to you with BTE? Or you had to put on speaker?
Now, with the ITE I have, I chose not to use Bluetooth for streaming. I tried multiple times and I wasn’t happy. It’s different and I’m new to this. .

RIC is when you still have 2 parts, one behind the ear and another in the ear. Difference from the one usually marked as BTE is that BTE has tube, and both mic and speaker (receiver) are behind the ear. In RIC it’s a wire and receiver is in the ear.

ITE is when it sits in your earlobe somewhere, I think, could be half shell or full shell, some resemblance of positioning like you would bluetooth headphones.

CIC is when whole aid is in the canal and is almost invisible.

Or something like that :slight_smile: for RIC and BTE I’m sure.

Writing because I think RIC and BTE works sometimes differently than ITE and CIC as non streaming phone is concerned, so, in order for others to help you, knowing exact models can maybe help.

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Thank you. I believe I am wearing RIC. So every time I pick up the phone and hold it on my ear like I usually did in the past, I heard lots of screeching uncomfortable sound. Like you can hear from the cheap old radio. So I had to put it on speaker or put on streaming for next time use. It’s not the same as when I was happy before. I don’t think I would ever be happy if I put those back on streaming again. It totally drain my battery and it’s new to me that I’m not used to. I would like to hear around me while talking on the phone.

I wonder if the screeching is feedback. Does it do that when you cover your ear with your hand?


That sounds like a feedback issue.

Unless you can go back to clasicall BTE, you might visit your fitter to ask to give you phone program or something to reduce feedback. I’m not familiar with your HAs, but they seem new enough to have some potentially useful gimmicks.

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Looking at the Resound website your Resound Linx 3D could be BTE, RIC or custom ITE aids. I was looking to see if your aids had T-Coils. Telicoils can be used for phone calls with good results.

The above mentioned squeal when the phone is put to the ear is probably feedback. Something you might try is move the phone back some near your aid, not directly over the ear. This just might stop the feedback. Otherwise your aids need to be set up better. Either the domes/molds are not sealed enough or your aids need to be adjusted for better feedback control.

Good luck

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Screeching sound- sorry I was meant to say unnatural voice coming from phone. And very low volume that I could not hear properly.

Yes I like the telecoul. I don’t think I have that. I’m using resound Linx 3D ric and I don’t know which model because my audiologist didn’t not write down on my manual book. She only handed it to me after I purchased the set for trial.

Now the RIC HAs are two years old.

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It wasn’t feedback. It was unnatural sound of voice.

I just found out… it’s Resound linx3D 961s
I hope this helps.

Okay, mine do not have telecoil, apparently.
I use 312 battery.

Thank you for all your help to help me understand what telecoil and the difference between RIC and ITE.
I really appreciate it.

Attached is specifications for your 61 and the 62 aids.
The 62 model aids do have telicoil, the 61 aids do not.
Lots of really good information on this attachment.


Thank you so much. Great info. I’m sad that I paid so much money to get the one without coil and smaller batter size (312) which drained a lot. I put my full trust on this audiologist who received five stars rating from over fifty reviewers on google. And I did not have proper fitting from her. However I went to different audiologist to fix my problems. And now this telecoil. Anyway thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it.

I am going to say something here you will not like, but it is something that I have learned the hard way. Before you make that decision to buy the hearing aids you have to do your homework. I get my hearing aids from the VA, I get them because I have service related hearing loss, I do not pay for them but I still do my homework so I can make the best decision on my aids as possible. And that becomes even more important when you are paying that much money yourself. It has taken me almost 15 years to come to that realization.


I was gonna suggest you’re probably missing T-Coil capability now with the RIC version…

I’ve worn BTE for almost 50 years now and up until Oct 2019, they were always Analog. I finally made the jump to Digital technology (which was limited because I wear a Bi-Cros system) that I could “live with” which were the Siemens. I’ve always preferred T-Coil for phone use or with headsets for office phones or headphones for music listening. I knew I had to retain T-Coil functionality to support all of my listening cases and I rely heavily on this program. The nicer thing with the new aids, is I can now have T-Coil with partial microphone input from external environment, so I can hear my self talking as well which is something I’ve always been used to on a landline phone.

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Even Bluetooth has adjustable mics for more or less ambient sound. This feature is very adjustable by your fitter and maybe on some of the hearing aid manufacturers phone apps.

Most RIC aids are available with T-Coils if you want.


Yes I learned the hard way after buying the HA. Thanks to hearing tracker—-so helpful!

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Thank you to all of you for making me feel I’m not alone on this. So greatly appreciate it!

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@nsk maybe you can go to that audi who sold it, and ask if there’s any chance they can replace the hardware for tcoil version one, to ask manufacturer. Even if you have to pay something, ot should not be insanely high.

I mean, last month I was told that if my HAs get damaged, they can be sent for repair, no matter if they are in pieces. Basically hardware is cheap, price we pay is for software development in them plus audi hours and whatnot.

Since price of non tcoil and tcoil version is often the same, I’d go and ask. Beg or cry even :joy: whatever takes to get tcoil version. I wouldn’t go for ‘you didn’t properly evaluate my needs so you omitted giving me tcoil as I had it’ route unless they completely refuse to cooperate. But still, ask politely first, beg second, cry poor soul out of you third. Temper tantrum fourth, serious tone and argue, the last. Let’s hope more than step 2 won’t be needed :wink:

If all fails, try contacting manufacturer directly, or through another audi.

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