Problems pairing Phonak Compilot

Hello ~

I have loved owning a Compilot for over a year now. I started having trouble with mine…cutting out…static etc., and it was replaced yesterday. Now, when I try to pair it with anything, as I am pairing, it deletes all the devices I have paired it with! I am so frustrated with this! Does anyone have any ideas to make this easier for me? I’m trying to pair my TV, iPad and MacBook.

Thanks so much for any help.


If you haven’t already done so, delete all devices from everything and start from scratch. Make sure that you only have one device in range when pairing.

i hope this helps. Jeff

Thank you for this Jeff. We live in a one bedroom condo, so I’m trying my best to pair 3 different things with my ComPilot. This may take awhile to figure out. I used to have my ComPilot set up with my iPad and our TV all the time with no problem. Now, nothing with pair correctly! I’ll try again…Thanks!

If you are within 30 feet of each of the items your trying to pair with you may have trouble. Try pairing the TV, then do the iPad and the MacBook outside, but one at a time and see if that works. Good luck!