Problems connecting KS7 using Smart Connect via Bluetooth to Dell XPS computer

I recently bought a Dell XPS 13 7390 laptop, which fails to stream audio to my KS7 aids through a Smart Connect (manufactured by Sivantos under its Rexton label). Previously I used a 2013 MacBook Air, which streams seamlessly.**

With the Smart Connect on, I tried
Settings/Bluetooth, Add a device, Bluetooth. After 1-3 minutes, I get “Unknown device.” Clicking on that yields “Unknown device” again and then “Try connecting your device again.”
On another attempt, after “Unknown device” it reported Apple TV (I do not have Apple TV). Other times it fails to find a Bluetooth device. But it does pair with my iPhone.

Under instructions from Dell sales support I ran diagnostic tests and updated drivers from the Dell website but that did not work either.

I saw a suggestion to buy a Bluetooth USB dongle. Do I have to do that? If so, will it interfere with the built-in Bluetooth?

— Fred

** I don’t want to engage in an Apple vs Windows argument. I have reasons for choosing the Dell machine.

It’s been too long since I’ve trialed a Smart Connect with my KS7s (I returned because it quit working after a shortwhile) Have you still got pairing instructions for the Smart Connect? My thoughts would be to follow them scrupulously. Are you sure your Smart Connect is still working? Does the Dell connect to other devices ok? If the Dell connects to other devices ok, I doubt a bluetooth dongle is going to help, but if it did, it would place the issue pretty clearly with the Dell.

Thanks for the thoughts & questions. I’ll have to look for instructions but the Smart Connect works every time on my old MacBook without any fuss. It just works.

The Dell does connect to my iPhone 'tho I’ve not transferred any data to or from it. The iPhone also connects to the Smart Connect.

I’ll likely update the aids in August when the 3 year limit from my health insurance runs out. Even with the aids, I struggle to understand speech including streamed through the aids. But the aids help a little. Also streaming mutes the computer speakers so I don’t bother my wife.

My hearing is apparently a bit worse than yours.