Problem with Widex MDEX bluetooth remote streaming iPhone music without prompting

I just recently received hearing aids - Widex Clear 220 RIC, and purchased the additional remotes including bluetooth. Since I’ve always used a Plantronics bluetooth for my work calls, I replaced it with the MDEX connected with my iPhone. However, I am having an issue with it inexplicably connecting to iTunes on my iPhone without prompting. It happens every time I go into the Bluetooth menu on my MDEX (even though the Music box is unchecked) and it often happens when I disconnect a call using my MDEX instead of my iPhone. I never listen to music on my iPhone and the app is completely turned off when this happens. My audiololgist spoke with the company and they said it must be the iPhone settings. I have checked every possible setting in the Music, iTunes and Bluetooth settings on my iPhone. I can’t find anything I can alter to make this stop. I’m beginning to wonder if I have to remove the Music from my phone just to get this to stop. This never happened with my Plantronics bluetooth, so I’m having a hard time believing that the MDEX/iPhone combination isn’t creating the problem. I just don’t know how to fix it. Any suggestions?


I think what you are experiencing is (AVRCP) the remote control function part of Bluetooth. The MDEX are made (I’m tolled) to start a media player once it enters the Bluetooth menu, the setting music/speech are related to the mode(program) used in the hearing aid, and not to the AVRCP. Music are optimized for music listening and speech for speech. If you only want to use the MDEX as a headset there should be no need to enter the menu, the green and red buttons should be sufficient for phone calls

I use the MDex with my iPhone also, but I use it a lot for listening to music also. The music only comes on if I’ve been listening before the call after I end the call. I have spoken to Apple and the iPhone apparently has an older version of Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth on the MDex is actually much older. I’d suggest you call Apple because the audiologists rarely are able to solve high tech problems. I can’t get SIRI to work with my MDex either.

I have the most recent Widex hearing aids as of 1/1/11 (sorry but I don’t have the box anymore so I am not sure what my model is), and I also bought the M-Dex a few months later for the reasons mentioned earlier. I am in sales and all my work is via phone and email. I was thrilled when I was able to pair the M-Dex to my Avaya 9650 IP Phone as opposed to pulling my hearing aids out to use another in-canal Bluetooth ear pieces. I have had major issues with losing hearing aids when I take them out for anything except a battery change or to retire them for the night to the dehumidifier. Before I bought the M-Dex I would take my left aid out, for example, to fit the Plantronics earpiece I used previously, and then I still said “what” too many times for my customers and our VP to stand.
I found that even with the in -canal Plantronics, I could not hear people. But they could hear me just fine. The M-Dex was the answer! Now, however, I have customers ask me to mute when on calls because I cause such unbearable feedback/buzz/background noise. It’s embarrassing, and the fact that I paid almost $400 for this device is maddening.
I cannot connect it to any computer for use with simple system sounds, but more importantly, with Skype, which is a major business phone app for me. I’ve tried to get assistance from Widex, but they continually refer me to my audiologist, who, bless her heart, is not Bluetooth savvy, and actually uses Windows XP. At first I was told by Best Buy that I needed a Windows 97 driver, which Widex said they didn’t have. Eventually I got a different Bluetooth dongle but still can’t pair to my computer.
That said, I’m fine when on my iPhone, with only occasional complaints, mostly I assumed due to poor cell network performance. It’s basically flawless with my cell and I love the sound when using Pandora and iTunes. It’s awesome for that. Also, I resolved the “master” issue by having my audiologist turn that function off. My major issue is the bad quality for listeners when I call from my Avaya 9650. I’ve tried everything, tested various PBX to listener connections, and the result is that sometimes it’s tolerable, but even the best of situations results in a “buzzy” background, which is likely due to the proliferation of cell use for business, which is often poor quality. My final attempt to resolve this has been to try to contact Avaya to see if the Bluetooth version on my desk phone needs an update. You can imagine how much help I’ve gotten on that one.
So, a final comment and a question for fellow M-Dex users: The M-Dex is a piece of crap, and likely a known embarrassment to Widex, so they are using the “damage control” approach and just not acknowledging the poor quality or any clear path of resolution. It really sucks when the company who makes and sells a device won’t even try to help. I’m not a software engineer, but as an end user, I’d ask for my money back, except the warranty expired 2 years ago.
Question: will any other non-Widex Bluetooth device work as a microphone to pair with my hearing aids? I’d pay a lot to have my voice sound acceptable because my hearing aid audio when on the phone is excellent.
Thank you for enduring my rant.

I wish Widex would update the M-Dex using current Bluetooth technology, allow it to be truly stereo and a bit smaller. I love my Widex Dream 440 aids, love their sound and overall quality. If the M-Dex performed decently, I would certainly buy one, but not as it seems to be now.


Hi all,

I have the same problem with my MDEX configure with my USB Bluetooth Software. I have w10 x64, and i don’t understand, every time i turn off the Bluetooth USB software to turn on my MDEX, which show up to me this error “Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL on Windows 10”.
How i can fix this kind of problem?


Henrique Silva, Portugal.

I wasn’t aware you could program or update the MDEX. However my audiologist changed settings on it.
The newer COM-DEX can be updated though.