Problem with wearing a none-vented ear mould

I got a none-vented ear mould last week. I’ve had to stop wearing it as every time I breath inwards through my nose, sound becomes really loud and then I breath outwards through my nose and sound returns to normal.

This doesn’t happen with my vented ear mould. This is only happening in my left ear which has a conductive loss.

Anyone know why?

Cuz yer breathin’!

Solution - stop breathing!


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lol, if I breath through my mouth, I don’t have the problem, lol.

There ya go then! Keep ya gob open. Sorted! :ok_hand:

I sure do love quick fixes. :grin:

Sure sounds like occlusion. Do your Q aids have occlusion control?
I believe you mentioned lowering the 250 Hz gain to fix something similar recently.

Yes they do have occlusion control. I’ll see if I can fix it. Thank you.

Could you be changing the pressure between the mold and the eardrum due to having no vent. Perhaps using the smallest vent (1 mm?) rather than no vent might be a solution.

Hi zebras, just thought I’d share that I questioned venting with the clinic manager as guidance suggested no vents for me. She said they prefer people to be comfortable and adjust feedback accordingly. Good to see you haven’t had to go for ci yet. Mike