Problem with Rexton Cobalt 16s

Being new to wearing HAs, I don’t have any experience with common problems and what should be expected as far as reliability.

I have a pair of Rexton Cobalt 16s and a Blu RCU. My issue is that the right HA intermittantly will go quiet. It is still “ON” because I can push the mode button on it and the left HA will respond. A slight push on the reciever connection will sometimes restore its function. Other times I have to take the HA off, remove the receiver from the HA and reinstall it. It is as if the connection at the HA to receiver is getting bad.

The HA has already been returned to Rexton under warranty for the same problem and it worked satisfactorily for several months but the problem has returned.

About a month ago, both HAs were cleaned by my audi. She advised that I could use alcohol VERY sparingly to clean some parts.

Any thoughts out there?

You might have a problem with an intermittent receiver. Move the body of the aid around a bit to see if you can cause the aid to go off. Another thing you can try is to make sure that the noise reduction circuit is turned off. Your Audie can do this for you. If you notice the aids mostly do this under quiet conditions, this is the probable cause. The noise reduction works by shutting off amplification when there’s no input to the mic. I’ve had this problem crop up a couple of times and the solution is to disable this feature. Good luck!

I have had a pair of Rexton Cobalt 12+ for several weeks. No problem yet. I guess this is something I will have to keep an eye on.

Thanks, Jeff

BTW Sky King, how well does the Blue RCU work? Is it work the cost?

Thanks, Jeff

Sorry to be so long in answering this, but yes IMO, it is very worth the cost. I think it works well. I especially love the bluetooth function with the phone. It sounds much better than any other bluetooth device I have ever used and it doesn’t require that I have some big device hanging on one ear which I have never liked. AND I can hear the phone in BOTH ears which makes it much easier to hear and understand the caller. The bluetooth function for other audio inputs such as my TV is also nice. I can turn the audio off on the TV itself and still have it in my HAs so it doesn’t disturb others.

The only down side I think is the mic for the bluetooth is on the RCU itself. It hangs around your neck on a lanyard and puts the mic a good distance from your mouth. Sometimes people I am talking to on the phone will say I sound far away.

Your best bet is to bring it in and have it looked at. These issues are easier to troubleshoot when you have a listening tube and can hold the hearing aid out in front of you, which the professional you’re working with should. Without a listening tube you’d have to try to monkey around with it while keeping the receiver far enough inside your canal for you to hear what it’s doing.

If you’re determined to “self-diagnose” a bad connection you should start by manipulating the hearing aid as you listen to it and see if you can cause it to cut out by doing so. You might connect the RCU to an audio source and then try squeezing the case and bending around the receiver wire as you listen to the output so see if a loose connection or short might be to blame. With that said, regardless of the outcome, your next step would still be bringing the hearing aid in for repair so it’s kind of a moot point.

I’ll also add that intermittent performance is a more common problem in hearing aids than you’d have guessed and can be caused by a number of different things. Repair labs are used to seeing it and generally good at resolving it.

I know this is an old thread but I have had other issues since starting this. On a couple of occasions I have noted distinct distortion in my right HA. My audi replaced the receivers and that only resolved the problem for a short time. They sent both back to Rexton and the repair report only says what they replaced. It does not indicate what failed or why.

When I got them back, they essentially were entirely new devices which my audi said is not uncommon for them to do. She also then added that the Rexton Cobalt 16s were not known for their reliability. This really didn’t surprise me as in the 3 or 4 years I have had them, they have been back to Rexton 3 times and they have completely replaced the right one twice. Yet never do they state the cause of the failures. I have asked so I can know if it is something I am not doing or something I am doing wrong. I put them in a Dry & Store every night.

Even though you use a Dry & Store every night I would guess your problems are moisture related. Unfortunately, you live in a pretty humid area and your hearing aids are probably suffering because of it. I live in a pretty dry area but when I had my Oticon HA’s repaired once, they came back working like new but nothing was said as to the cause of the failure. When I called to ask what had failed, I was told Oticon had done a poor job sealing the internal components and my problem was largely moisture related corrosion issues. I too use a D & S every night.

really? I’ve had a pair for 4 years or so. I’ve had a couple of receivers replaced but I don’t baby them. if it was moisture wonder why it would always be the right one. anything in particular you do different with your right ear? wear some kind of head-set? lay on it napping? whatever? certainly sounds like a loose connection between the receiver and the device? do you take the right one out often to use a phone? when you are having trouble switch the receivers between aids I know they won’t fit right into your ears but you can poke them in enough to see of the problem follows or not.

I always keep a pair of ear gears on my aids I figure besides moisture control they keep the dust out. about once a week I do a cleaning which includes taking the receives off and hitting the connections with canned air. same for inside the battery compartment and the speaker covers.