Problem with phonak TVLink I

Hi There. Newbie here. I’ve searched for this issue but found nothing so i’m hoping someone out there can help.

I have an older TV Link I. the base unit won’t turn on. i have verified the charger/power supply is GOOD and WORKING. It was issued years ago by the VA. I returned it to them to repair but they say it’s out of warranty and Phonak will not repair it.

The remote works fine (charges and light goes green when fully charged.) does anyone a) know who can repair this-or can it be repaired and/or b) does anyone have a working spare they want to dispose of for a reasonable price? I’ll pay freight to the atlanta area, if so.

thanks in advance!!

Regards, Mike Hammel (pronounced ‘my camel’).
Roswell, GA

Check eBay…They have a couple TVLink I units available. You’ll have to have the new TVLink grouped to your HAs, though.

What do you mean by years ago? Who/where did you return it?

If you got it years ago from the VA tell them it’s broke and no longerr works and they will more than likely replace it. A friend of mine just had his Icom and tvlink go down and the VA gave him a new Com pilot with TVlink to replace the broken one.