Problem with Phonak TV Link after a year

I’ve been a happy user of my Phonak TV link for almost a year now without any problems until yesterday.
The base station has a rapidly blinking blue light, which according to instructions says it is pairing. Well, my ComPilot is already paired with the TV, it works with my phone and music - so the problem is not with the ComPilot. I have also tried to reset the whole thing with the TV - no use.

I have done all the required steps as listed in the manual, and nothing works - still blinking blue, as if trying to pair. Anyone have any idea - Thanks

Did you try placing the ComPilot into paring mode by pressing the <> and + buttons for 2 seconds? The light on both the TVLink and ComPilot should turn solid blue once the pairing process is complete.

I know that this sounds so stupid but sometimes for me when nothing else works is for me to make sure I have no more than two BT devices on at the same time. Another idea is to unplug the power to the TvLink then plug the power source back into the TvLink and turn the unit back on.

Yes, unfortunately doesn’t work - tried many times - as well as plugging and unplugging the unit - even tried to “reset” - nothing - the blue light continues flashing on the base unit - I have an email to Phonak, but don’t know if I should go through my audi - I’m not sure of the warranty after a year. - The ComPilot continues to work with my iPhone though.