Problem with Phonak Naida III


My girlfriend have a Phonak Naida III for about a year and is always having the same problem.

About two to three times a day, the hearing aid just shutdown and she as to reboot it. They changed the Aid two month ago (they said so) but the problem is coming back again.

Any other person had this kind of problem before ?

Thank you.

I have the Naida IX and have not had a problem.

There is a firmware update (at least on the V & IX) that may help you. Your Audie does this in their office - takes less than 5 minutes for 2 hearing instruments and there should not be a charge.

If they changed HA, the serial number will also change. If just service was done, the S/N usually does not change.

The Naida III also has some updates, but I’m not sure if it pertains to your issues. I know for sure that there is a FM update as well as some other minor updates.

Could be grease around the battery compartment blocking air flow.

A common fault with modern precision moulded aids.

Give the battery door and surrounding area a clean.

Hi I’m new to this site and was just researching somethings about the Naida III and their problems! My son who is 5yrs old wears these aids! Which have been great until just recently we have been having problems with then just shutting down & some diferent noises (not feedback noise either)
Have any of you had any other problems??? He’s had these for almost 2yrs now & I’m having them sent in to check on them! Any information would be great Thanks :slight_smile:

If they are being checked by Phonak, just wait till they return.
They will fix whatever problems have occurred.
Not worth stressing about.

There’s a gore-tex vent cover on the battery drawer - like the ones they put on the mics. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was greased/sweated-up. The filter just needs exchanging at it’s next service.

That can cause issues if it doesn’t get replaced? Normally I only replace the microphone filters to save on filters. The filter package I get to replace the old ones only come in pairs. Now I wonder how often that gets dirty in comparison to the top two…as gravity forces moisture down, not up…:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Gravity has almost no bearing here. Capilliary action is much more relevant to droplet movement. Any water/perspiration will ‘want’ to travel to the dryer portions of the gore-tex panel. Evaporation occurs and a salt deposit is left.

Don’t change the filters until the aid actually stops working though. It may also be sensible to dry the aid out overnight to keep the filter moisture down too. Though where you live, the ambient humidity is likely to sort this out by itself.

It only takes a single handling of an aid when you have butter or honey or car oil on your fingers to block up every orifice and thus kill the aid!

If the Mic (at the top of the aids) and Battery (at the bottom of the battery door) gray covers are getting dirty and clogged up this could definitely be a problem. Not sure if your son has been a little more active but these can get dirty from sweat or from him touching them more. You may want to consider some kind of cover for the hearing aids. Hearing Aid Sweat band comes to mind. Just when playing sports and such. Growing up my brother and I wore hearing aids while playing sports and it reeked havoc on our aids. At one point the extra insurance my father got for our hearing aids dropped us because we were constantly sending them in for repairs. Luckly for you today you have hearing aids like the Naida.