Problem with Phonak hearing

I have Exelia Art hearing aids. Recently they were returned because moisture got inside and shorted. After return and a new audiologist, I can’t understand words although it’s much better with FM or Bluetooth. Are they adjusted wrong or is there a defect?

Likely they have been set too low for you. The reason that the FM is ok is that the FM program always (used to?) increase the output by 10dB or more (called FM Advantage). The Audiologist may just be being cautious and needs to set your experience level higher

Thanks for your assist. It’s not a question of volume, the words don’t sound the same. This is all since the return. I can raise the volume, no change. Since the return my ability to understand words has gone down 50%. My audi said she put the adjustment where it was but I don’t think she has any experience. Does the compression factor affect the mikes and FM the same? The problem started when I complained about loud noises.

It may be that she futzed about with the compression in the mic programs only. I’d go back and ask her to reprogram off the original setting. Ideally in really small steps to see if you are getting improvement.

Does the mike program have separate compression? I don’t think my Audi knows what she is doing. Thanks agin for all your help.

Any program can have completely different settings, compression, gain, maximum output etc. Unless she knows what she’s adjusting very well or is using a verification tool like Real Ear Measurement, she’s heading you up a blind alley each time.

Going back to the point where it sounded OK and making only small changes is a valid strategy if your not happy with the current situation.

Thanks for your help. After months of adjustments that didnt work i used my old circuit diagnoses. The problem for months was the aid supposedly repaired by phonak had one mike or mike circuit defective. It was loud and distorted. By covering each mike seperately i could hear the problem. It has since been replaced and all is workiing. Thought you should know.
Irv fenton

Says alot about Phonaks quality control on repairs.

I thought all was well but it’s not. Since the last return by Phonak my ability to understand words has dropped way down. While both mikes are working the clarity seems much poorer. I’m at my witts end. My Audi ran a tape and the output of the mikes read O.K. is there more to it? The clarity is fine with FM or Bluetooth.