Problem with Phonak EasyCall

I was using my EasyCall with no problems until the last month. Now it won’t connect to both HAs.

As it happened with both sets of HAs, I bought a new EasyCall but the problem is still there.

Anyone know why both EasyCalls will only link to either hearing aid but not both at the same time?

I’m at a lost as to why it’s now a problem.

My HAs are linked with the program button and unlinked with the volume control.

Is it a programming problem? I don’t think it’s an iPhone problem as I reset the settings to see if that would help but it hasn’t.

Found out the problem, it’s my big head and now glasses arms sticking my aids out even more so the EasyCall isn’t picking up the other aid. :joy:

Take off my glasses and it’s fine.

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Just too much brainpower in there.


I wear a 5x HJC helmet