Problem with iPhone & TV Link / Phonak ComPilot

I have an iPhone 6 (yes very old iPhone)

I like to have it connected to my ComPilot whiles watching TV but if I go on Facebook whiles watching TV, the sound stops from my TV Link.

Anyone know how to solve it? I think it’s a setting on my iPhone that I need to change but I can’t figure it out.

If my iPhone is on silent, it doesn’t do it. What’s weird is, the ComPilot / TV Link goes silent, it doesn’t play a sound in my ears.

All my other apps on my iPhone don’t cause this issue.

My Samsung does the same thing.
I always thought the phone just had priority over other devices.
You are multi talented. Watching TV and reading Facebook at the same time.

I’m glad it’s doing it to you as well. At least it tells me my equipment (TV Link or ComPilot) isn’t faulty.

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Could you mute sound on the phone? Also on my ks9 “tv connector” becomes a program when in use. Press buttons or use the app to switch to it?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about facebook.

Finally worked out how to stop it from happening. Now I can go on my iPhone and the TV Link won’t stop streaming all the time. I’m happy!