Problem with Bluetooth Communications

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I am using Compilot with TVlink streamer to transmit from the optical output of an audio interface. The sound breaks up some times with crackles and pops. At times it just sounds like static and other times there is a pause of seconds between complete loss and back to normal. The distance between the TVlink and the Compilot doesn’t seem to be a factor when within the normal bluetooth range. I also do not make any changes to my physical position or the Compilot between the start and stop of the audio. I have just started using these devices so do not have prior experience with usage. Please help with this problem.


May be a bad Toslink (optical) cable. Try a new cable and make sure it is not stressed (not pulled tight, no sharp bends or corners).

Hello Don,
I’ve changed the optical cable and neck loop, which yielded no change in the audio issue.

Are there any devices close by that are also transmitting wireless? This could be a wireless phone, WiFi, etc. Do you have a TV in a different location – you could try it there and see if interference is happening for the old location?

Sounds like interference issue. If you are lucky, the source is in your home. Otherwise you are pretty much SOL. Start turning things off that use Bluetooth or you suspect might use Bluetooth. Start with your cell phone. If you find the offensive device, disable its Bluetooth. Check PC, Laptops, Tablets. Start turning everything off.

Also make sure you do not have a Blocking Issue as that will make the weak signal of Bluetooth even weaker. You need to be able to see the Bluetooth TX/RX. Get it as high as possible on the wall, without anything between you and the TX. Clear Line-of Site. If the Bluetooth device had eyes, both of you should be able to stare each other down with no obstructions Blocking the signal. Think of it like two people with Flashlights transmitting Morse Code. If either of you cannot see the other Flashlight, no talkie walkie.

Take a look at this document as it maybe helpful.

OK, I would start ruling things out, even if you think there is no way “that” could be involved. Can you verify the output is not really being produced the way you hear it? Does it go through the speakers OK? Is there another way to get sound out of the device, like RCA out or headphone jack, and go into the TV link on another port (like RCA jacks), just to take the two toslink jacks out of the picture?

Do you use the Compilot with your phone and does it work OK there?

Like others have suggested, I would turn off all other devices that produce any radio signal, wifi, bluetooth, TVs.

If nothing else works you will have to find a way to test the toslink jacks. Is there another device that has toslink output? Can you get another TVlink and test it in the same environment? I know it would involve buying a new device but if you can return later it will help you get to the bottom of it. Obviously try everything else first.

I have tried a new TVLink. Three different TVLink inputs. No luck. I’ve discovered a new lead.
The loss of signal from the Compilot streamer is a timed cycle, 30-35 sec on 4-6 sec off than back on.
This timing is consistent. I tried at least 30 cycles. Any suggestions?

Return it for a new one

I believe Doc is right. There are a number here who had bad units and had to exchange them.

It does sound like a bad unit. You might give your pro a shot at it to see if it is the result of some setting. Otherwise, try a new Compilot.

You did try the TVlink on a different sound source (different TV or other source)?

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The problem is with the Bluetooth reception in Compilot I borrowed a loner from Audi which works fine.