Problem with Alexa App Volume and Hearing Aids on iPhone Running iOS 14.3

Might just be a problem with the Amazon Alexa app per se and have little to do with the iPhone or hearing aids but it comes close to deafening me when I try to use Alexa with my iPhone 6S running iOS 14.3 and piping timer interactions into my HA’s using the MFi connection. This is done with my iPhone as an “iPod” with only a media connection and phone streaming turned off in Accessibility settings.

I have several active Amazon Echo devices in the house but I have never been able to get the timer alert to ring in my hearing aids. Only a silent notification shows up on my iPhone screen but while the device itself is ringing, the phone or my HA’s don’t make a sound, even when the alert and ringing is transferred to other Echo devices in the house when I don’t tell the timer on the device it was first set to stop ringing. Any cures for this problem would be welcomed. But that’s not my main vexation.

What came close to deafening me was that I decided the way around this was to run the Alexa app itself on my phone. That works just as if I were speaking to a physical Echo device. I can speak to the phone, set a timer, get “announcement” feedback and the timer goes off in my ears when the time counts down.

The problem is when I say, “Alexa, set a tea timer for one minute,” Alexa responds beautifully at just the right volume, " Tea timer, one minute, starting now." But then in a second breath, a deafening loud announcement, “To hear this timer, please make sure you’ve turned off Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode” comes on at a painful volume.

I think the basic problem is that for Amazon Echo devices in the Alexa app settings there are separate volume controls for device announcements and for alarms and timer sounds but the app designers somehow did not provide a control for app alarms and timers on the phone as a device. My ignorance of iOS is probably preventing me from fixing the problem. The Amazon Alexa app support people were clueless as to what I should do.

If anyone has conquered this problem and knows what settings in iOS (or the iOS Alexa app) need to tweaked, thanks for enlightening me! I’ve gone into the Settings, Sounds, Headphone Safety settings and turned that protection on now! Didn’t think I’d need it but the Alexa app convinced me otherwise!

I should say that other apps such as the Ring doorbell app work beautifully with the iPhone and my MFi HA’s. It’s just the Alexa app that has this strange dichotomy in the volume of sounds piped into my ears.

I don’t use Alexa myself Jim @jim_lewis but in IOS land when a phone is “ringing”, you can use the volume up/down buttons on the iPhone itself to adjust the ringing level. So you might find that when you get your deafening announcement you can turn the level down with the volume controls and this won’t affect the level of the alarm itself. It probably will also turn down the level of ring tones etc in other apps, like the phone app though.

Another thought is to look in the settings for the Alexa app, so go to the IOS settings app (the big gear wheel on the home screen) and scroll down a few screens to where the individual app settings are. I’m not saying this will work mind you. I’m just throwing out things I suggest you look at!

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