Problem inserting Phonak Paradise P50 into left ear for a comfortable fit

I am new to HAs. This is my third week with Phonak Paradise P50 HA. I have no difficulty inserting the HA into my right ear. It fits perfectly and I don’t even know its there. However the HA does not seem to sit properly into the left ear. I can’t seem to get the angle correct or pushing it in at the wrong angle or not deep enough to be comfortable like the right ear. When I move my jaws it feels like its not sitting correctly
I have to pull on my ears to get a comfortable fit . Does not seem right to me. Advise on technique please .

I don’t know that there is an optimal technique other than playing with it. Pulling ear up, pulling it down, trying different angles until something works. If still struggling, go back to your fitter. One thing to consider is that you may need a different sized dome, or perhaps even a custom mold.


Ditto what MDB says. I also have this problem & assume my two ear canals have slightly different angles or my hand dexterity is different for my off side.

I think you are both probably correct and there is probably a slight difference in ear canal angle .I need to experiment more. to find the correct angle to insert the left HA . I am due to see the audiologist this Friday for a second fitting so maybe she can help me with it.

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I was having hard time putting in my left one when I got my KS9s. They’re fitted with a larger domes than my previous aids, and somehow left one didn’t go in easily into my ear. I told that to my fitter at the two-week follow up visit, and she gave me a bottle of Comfort Ear lubricant. She showed me rubbing a small drop of Comfort Ear between the thumb and forefinger, then coating domes lightly before inserting. It works pretty well for me.

After talking to my Audiologist, she fitted me with a much smaller dome and it fits a lot better . So quite happy for now. If it still does not work out she says they can make a custom fit for my left ear canal. Another thing I had her do is to tweak the high end gain slightly so I don’t get a very etched sound for every sibilant or high freq. sound that comes my way. She also stored a secondary program for comfort in the HA… So now I either use the Auto sense or the comfort program . Myphonak defaults to either Autosense or Comfort whichever was last used .

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I have a similar problem to you with my left HA, because the canal is kinked. It took a bit of practice wiggling it around before I found the avenue by which to insert the aid, but it works pretty consistently now.

One thing that helped me, somewhat counterintuitively, was changing to a larger dome; the opposite of what worked for you. In my case the smaller dome allowed the HA to insert somewhat askew, which ended up bruising my ear canal as I pushed it in over the course of a few weeks. The larger dome seems to ensure that the HA enters the ear straight, which in turn enables me to push it into position past the kink without causing an issue.

Interesting counterintuitive process ! Tks