Problem in Widex Flash CIC Hearing Aid ( Don't Fit in My Ear Properly)

I have bought Widex Flash CIC Hearing Aid . The Audiologist has taken my ear mould twice but everytime I get the hearing aid and put it in my ear it comes out during talking / chewing . They have done once coating on it but it hasn’t solved the problem . I am now stuck having paid handsome amount for it , am now wondering was CIC a nice option for me. what is peculiar about my ear that the audiologist can’t take a right impression.

Some people have more jaw movement than others. Did your audiologist take an impression with your jaw open? That is usually the first line of attack. If that doesn’t work, they can add a canal lock (a clear piece of plastic that sits in the bottom of the ear to help hold the aid in place).

If that doesn’t work, you may need to move up a bit in size so the aid has more to grab onto.

Yes I was mimicing chewing action continuously while the audiologist was taking the impression. But I still doubt their precision. I also had this feeling that CIC might not be for me. Anyways If you have any other suggestion please let me know this time they have taken the hearing air to make it a little more elongated Let See how it work otherwise I tell him to put a lock like you suggested

Hi. I have had ear impressions for CICs taken two times over the past 8 years and one time for BTE molds . My audis DEMANDED on all occasions that I have NO JAW MOVEMENT whatsoever and keep my jaws perfectly still until the mold had set!!

I suspect that your problem may be that you have had “false” impressions made due to the movement of your ear canals because of your CHEWING ACTION while the molds set!

It appears that the latest trend is due take molds with the jaws open.

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