Pro Sound Ear Molds for Audeo Pro M90s

I’m a musician. I would love to have rechargeable pro sound ear molds connected to my Phonak Marvel Audeo M90s. I’m replacing my current ear molds because I broke one, and I got to thinking, maybe there’s a higher quality mold that delivers pro sound, like a Bose in-ear headphone, and still functions as a hearing aid. I love being able to adjust surrounding sound levels while listening to music. These aids, with the c shell mold do a pretty good job, and unlike other aids I’ve owned, the compressor handles loud music really well, and I’m actually able to wear them performing on stage…which is why I bought them. I’ve known that even these $6k aids have EQ range limitations (can barely hear the high hat and ride symbols in songs) but I would find it hard to believe that that much money, or more, couldn’t buy a high quality pro sound alternative. I wish there was a Bose ear mold that’s compatible with the Phonak Marvel Audeo M90s. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!