Pro Counsel

Today I saw the pro-counsel software in action. I was blown away.
While I have used E-caps before, i believe GN has a superior software.
for the people who dispenses aids, what are your favority
counseling software?


Today I tested the Procounsel
It is by far the best Counceling tool out there,

I love the fact there is a pen tool so I can Scribble over the audiogram of the client and the fact that it was a SEPARATE NOAH MODULE

I also love the graphs in order to demonstrate features like fix directionallity
and adaptative direccionality … this makes demostration real easy

What I like… The ear virtual tour is really good, even though one animation was taken from an old CD “An understandong of hearing”

What I didnt like to much, the sound files where a bit limited, I would like
a tool which uses NAL tables to indicate % of hearing loss, audibility index, etc

I would have also like to have the option to take a picture of the client

I have not been much of a fan of GN products but this is a winner
So far my clients love it!