Primax Fit vs NAL-NL2

I’ve seen a couple of comments on the forum that suggested if you use NAL-NL2 instead of Primax Fit with Signia Primax hearing aids that you are unable to take advantage of the advanced features of the hearing aids. I have been unable to find any specifics. Can anybody provide some?

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I doubt that is the case. The difference is in how they set the gain. It works across product lines. The specific features offered by the aid would be adjusted separately – direction, noise, wind etc.

Set a spare program channel to the same as the automatic but with NAL gains to compare.

Am I reading this right? One can set different fittings to different programs? Say for example if I am having trouble hearing in a certain situation they can program the aid for me to test different adjustments - like a before and after?
Sort of like going to the optometrist - which is better A or B?

Better, you can take the A/B home with you and try it for different scenarios.


Sure. For an example, you can tell the audi or program by copying one setup to another program and then modify any setting. eg. copy automatic and then make direction forward and increase noise suppression.

PVC, I’m playing around in Connexx and I’m not sure one could create separate programs using different fitting formulas. Once I’ve done an initial fit, I can decouple the programs during fine tuning,but it seems like they all get the same fitting formula.

Oh, different fitting formula. Then I don’t know?? I was thinking about more simplistic changes.

Actually I wasn’t thinking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Fitting formulas aside - I think this is what I was asking for. I recall one of the products has 3 music programs, another has 3 telephone programs. For me lectures are an important consideration. I’d like to try the original program and be able to quickly compare it to one that has been tweaked. Are we talking the same thing now?

It should be possible to set up different programs to compare, although all I can vouch for is Connexx for Rexton and Signia aids.

Most/(maybe all?) manufacturer’s fitting software have the capability to setup multiple programs.