Pricing of Phonak Sky M30, Roger Receiver, and Roger Pen

Hey. So a sky m30 at 1800$ each seem pricey to you guys? Roger Receiver for m30 1000$ 02 or a 03 both for 1000. And a pen 1.1 at 800$

I would buy your Roger receiver and Sky HA from your audiologist but buy the Roger Pen 1.1 from eBay.

I bought a Roger Pen 1.1 off eBay in 2017 for $149 and it was a 2017 serial number as well.

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That seems on the high side to me, but depends on where the business is. If it’s in a big city in a high rent district, that kind of price is to be expected. An audiologist from Minnesota posted his prices on here and he was selling M90 for a similar price.

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I forgot to mention. Im Canadian :slight_smile: so our dollar is at 30% yours.

hey you guys are awsome. thanks so much. so i was able to pinpoint exactly what i wanted from a device. i knew i needed a long lasting device. so the sky. i read here that probably a sky 30would perform just as well and if i have a pen dont need the m90. so i am getting a trial version of the sky m30 purple. i also took the time really read and read and i knew i wanted BTE not RIC. i will not shell out 100$ every year for a new receiver per device. so the appt went well.

i need to donwload the phonak app. i have no clue how that will happen.

I bought a Roger Pen form eBay, problem is it needs software fron Phonak for over $900 through the Audi. I returned it to seller.

Which hearing aids do you have?

Right now i am trialling a phonak focus with roger pen. I’m going for the phonak sky m30-m with roger receiver 03 and a roger pen 1.1 :slight_smile:

What!!! Never mind. Its 1800 for both!!! :slight_smile: I need to make it be 3500 or around 3500 I think i have enough. Pen 800. Receiver 459 each for 03. And aids 1800. So 3700. :slight_smile:

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That’s crazy prices, why don’t you just shop around on eBay to get what you need, why Phonak sky M30, if you want Phonak why not get B30 or even V30.

Have you trialled other brands to see which is actually better for you? ReSound, Signia, Widex.

You told you this? It’s not true, another urban myth, you’ll get many years out of them, in fact I’ve seen them go 6 years and still within specifications.

Why do you need all the Rodger FM equipment? I mean looking at your audiogram do you really need HAs? It shows a very mild loss indeed, max is 30dB at 6Hz
You can get just as good with ReSound or Signia remote microphones.

Hmmm. The person selling it. Wjen i insisted on slim tubes cause of durability i asked him price of receivers. He sais its about 100 per side about once a year, maybe every 2 years.

And yes my audiogram is pretty good. Except speech in noise is at 60% hearing capacity for right ear and 69% for left ear. That my problem. I hear well when quiet but cant understand ppl when they talk.

Ill check eBay. But anyone get ripped off on that site?

He told me its same price for old technology. What do you suggest for me?

My advice for eBay is to buy off reputable sellers with at least 95% feedback, remember you get eBay/PayPal buyer protection, the B30 and V30 go for less then $500, with B30 you may even get the balance of manufacture warranty.

Honestly this sounds a little bit off with your audiologist, I mean it sounds like you suffer from "discrimination loss” or something similar.
Again my advice here is to see a ENT specialist BEFORE you buy anything.
Maybe a Pro from the forum can chime in on this.

Definitely not true, can’t understand why a professional would try this.

Again my advice is to see a ENT specialist BEFORE you buy anything.
Best of luck.

You can download the Roger Upgrader software for the Pen from the Phonak site.

Only the receivers and hearing aids needs the software from the audiologist.

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The software from the Audi is $900 and there lies the problem. I’ll live without Roger.

Well. I was right the first time. Its 3700 for sky m m30… Insane!!!

M90 hearing aid, but it’s cheap, only $ 2,850 a pair

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Wow. Not here !!! I means out dollar is not as high as american dollar but our prices are riduculously high

Where at? That is a very good price. Thanks