Price of the new Oticon Agil Pro's

I was told $3,075 per aid. Is this ballpark for most people?

It is for me @ $3150

Ballpark, yes. Mine were $3000/aid, which included the Power Molds, Streamer, and ConnectLine accessories.

It seems as though the Agils are not that much more expensive than the Epoqs, and the Epoqs are still being marketed. In what cases would Epoqs be recommended over Agils, or why would someone choose Epoqs over Agils? I have been wondering about this.

Our most active member here xbulder is Oticon profession. He will be able to advice you on this.


I was quoted $3150 for Agil Pros. I am very sensitive to compression and changes in it…so my audi recommeded athe Agil (NON pro) mini rite. I think I paid $2650 each for those. The Epoq x (not xw) was $2,850 from this audi…so the Agil’s are cheaper.

I cannot imagine any reason why anyone would choose Epoq over Agil unless they get some kind of major discount. To me at least (I trialed Epoq), Agil was light years better,.

Is the price of the regular Agil (NON pro) for the HA alone or with extra gadgets?

From my audi, it was the HA’s alone. My audi is kind of pricey. But he has the best reputation in my immediate area by far and he is only 2 miles from my work

I’m with you on willingness to pay extra for location and excellent service.

I’m picking up my Agil next week.

Try both… if agil is better get it…

I did try both. The problem is, I’m still not sure. Something may need to be adjusted on the Agils, but it seems like the potential is there for the Agils to be better than the Epoqs. They have a faster processor, right? Does anyone know exactly what the differences are between the two?

  • according to oticon- the agil concept is that is based on rise2 (the new wireless chip which is twice as fast. In a nut shell, the instrument reduce listening efford by trying
    to make the sound as natural as posible. The 3 improvement over epoq are- spacial sound 2 (they have something call binaural noise managament- in asumetric listening situations when for example noise comes from one side and speech over the other, the instrument will detect a better S/N on one side boost gain and reduce noise on the other.
    Speech guard uses something call floating linear gain to mantain the details of speech and finally connect plus which improve bass perception by using bassbost when using the streamer.

It is a solid instrument…

Recently had another test audi told me about agils there much cheaper on this side of the pond… ranging from $1,600 to 2,200. link

Here outside of Philadelphia $2,200 for the Agil. If I went for the Pro it would’ve been $2,600.

What are the different packages that they have listed on that website…Simple, Optimum and Life? The Epoqs and Agils are the same price in the Simple package, but the Epoqs are quite a bit more expensive than the Agils in the Life package. Why is that?

2,600$ for the Agil pro is a decent price if the streamer and or Connectline TV is
included. sounds like a good pricing.

Yeah, that’s a great price. Did you get that from an audiologist?

This place is selling Agil Pro RITE for $2220, plus about $500 for the Streamer and accessories.

They appear to be different support/warranty packages…
free batteries, 2 year v. lifetime etc.

I wish I was in London, the prices seem excellent…

They have:
EpoqXWs on special for $1154 each! (USD) $2300 for a pair which is less than most of the USA buyers pay for 1!

I could probably fly round trip, get HAs and still show a net savings.

I did that in 1971, with a BSA motorcycle. Saved about half, and on return to US paid duty as a used bike (put on many miles touring UK), not new. Unlike a hearing aid, however, I could maintain and tune the bike.

More and more it seems like learning to program is wise.