Price difference of KS9 vs. Audéo Marvel 90

So the Costco Kirkland K9 - a slightly ‘dumbed down’ Audeo Marvel 90 - is $1,499 a PAIR. My Audi wants $6,500 a pair for the Audeo Marvel 90. So is tinnitus, remote programming, no rechargeable option, no telecoil and the recent Marvel 2.0 update really worth the difference? Is direct Phonak support for my Audi meaningful? I would assume Costco has a similar arrangement?

Is an ENT associated audi a meaningful benefit?

My Audi offers ‘lifetime’ adjustments and maybe an annual ear test included, so a little more value there over Costco.

Am I missing something other than the math on the price points?

(Yup, I am aware fittings make the difference, but Costco does get good marks on this. Must check them out like any other audi’s competence.)


In a word NO its not. Me personally I dont like using the tinnitus feature anyway, nor do I want rechargable lithium ion batteries sitting on my ears. Costco will not program them remotely but for the price difference I’ll put up with the inconvenience.


I believe Costco offers yearly tests and lifetime adjustments… Although after 3 adjustments for me and the Audiologist at Costco says she has done all that she can and maybe I should just return them. What’s a person to think? :thinking:

I think you’re missing a few things, but there is a large price difference. With the Marvel 2.0 update you get a better app, the ability to use Roger devices (which are also very expensive), and the ability to pair to 2 BT devices. Another thing that could change the price difference would be to consider a M70.
I don’t think there’s much value in being with an ENT associated audiologist. There would be great value in being with an audiologist who is really good at programming hearing aids.

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I’m not sure what “direct” Phonak support means - maybe using the ability to program the aids remotely? But during one of my appointments the audi at my Costco called Phonak and got advice for tweaking my KS9s.

You can get a free hearing test at Costco whether you buy hearing aids or not, but I’ve had a test every year since I bought my first aids from them, and the audi there has always cleaned and serviced the aids when I was in for my annual test. She found cracks in the casings where the receiver wire entered the last time I was in with my Trax 42s. The aids were a year out of warranty, and she replaced the cases without charge anyway.

So I think for those of us who have to worry about cost, no, the difference isn’t worth it. For others it may be.

Well, what I think is you aren’t dealing with one of the better Costco audis. Maybe she really doesn’t know what else she can do. Maybe 3 follow-up appointments are all she’s willing to do. I’ve had 4 adjustment appointments for my KS9s already. I broke down and ordered the tv transmitter last time I was in, and the audi told me when it comes in they’ll call and make an appointment because they’ll set it up for me and if I need any further tweaking at that time, she’ll do that too.

I’m looking for that audiologist. :roll_eyes:

The value of tinnitus masking is very questionable.

Remote programming would be a great feature if you live some distance from the fitter. If Costco is close, not much value in it.

Rechargeable is a personal thing. I would not want it. I don’t mind changing batteries, and you always know that a new battery is at full charge.

Telcoil is personal. I have nowhere that I would use it.

Apps are time valued. When you first get aids they are great, but the longer you use the app, the less you use it – in my experience.

Costco has direct support from the manufacturers. More than once my fitter has called them when I was in the office. Suspect Costco is their biggest customer, and Costco does not put up with poor support from the mfg.

Visits at Costco are essentially unlimited. They don’t charge for audiograms and tests.


Totally agree with Sierra.
The KS9 aids are a huge bang for the buck for someone who needs aids to hear better.
Costco has a very good reputation for quality fittings too.
Good luck.

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