Power Ones at Amazon


I’m looking at Power One batteries on Amazon.
A 60 pack is going for $13.99. Sounds like a good deal.
I haven’t seen them less expensive anywhere.

What do you think?


$.023/battery sounds like a good deal to me. I THINK I’ve seen other brands for $.022 but that’s essentially the same thing anyway.


Take a closer look. Those have a shipping charge. You are better off at $15.99 with free shipping from LocalBattery who sponsor this forum.


No, I checked and the offer from Amazon is with free shipping. The LocalBattery, which I’ve used previously costs $23.90 for 60 of the Power Ones.
So, I think I’ll go with the Amazon offer. Seems to be the cheapest around for batteries that I’ve used for a few years and have
always given me good service.


Less than $10 for LocalBattery running this forum. I think you’ve had a bargain right there.


I don’t know where you’re looking but I’m not finding any price on LocalBattery but
this: http://www.localbattery.com/poonegemaba1.html
$24 is a bit steep for me. I’ve used LocalBattery several times in the past but not
this time.


Is this the same LocalBattery that’s now also selling them at Amazon?


Yes, I believe it is.


I’d go with Amazon. I bought size 13s for me and size 10s for my grandma. Sponsor or not, LocalBattery is significantly more expensive.


That’s exactly what I found when researching prices. Compare before you buy.


I always buy Power One from Amazon but this last time decided to go with the Amazon batteries. Any opinion on how they compare? I just got them so haven’t had a chance to form an opinion.


I haven’t updated this in a little while, but here’s what I created for reference (on our page about hearing aid batteries).

Please let me know if any of those links are out of date or inaccurate and I’ll update them.


I believe you mean $0.23 per battery. Is the pack 60 batteries for $13.99?


Cell is another word for battery. These are button cell batteries. Sorry about the confusion.