Power One vs iCell

I was given a pack of Power One batteries and my latest battery purchase was iCell, so I decided to see which one had a longer life.

I used a Power One in my right aide and the iCell in the left and the Power One lasted two days longer. After both batteries died I switched the battery sides and started with two new batteries, Power One in left and iCell in the right, and the Power One lasted more than 1.5 days, but not quite two days. When I run out of iCells I think I’ll buy Power Ones.

What size battery?

iCell also seems to have a much larger proportion of dud batteries. I used to work for a company who gave the clients icell and had sent so many aids away for repair due to intermittency and noise, but no fault was usually found. They switched their batteries and the problems disappeared. iCell is a budget hearing aid battery I believe.

I gave iCell a shot and at first was very impressed with my first box, I ordered the 2nd and found battery life was significantly less 4-6 days, since then I wen back to Rayovac Extra Advanced 312 batteries, I get 8 days every time.

In the US I would say that Rayovac batteries are hard to beat. Our nation-wide pharmacy chain store, Walgreens, sells a battery under their own label that seems identical to the Rayovac, so that is what I buy. The life of a battery is dependent on the power draw of the aid and its use, so there is not hard and fast figure one can quote.