Power off, turn off, Signia Pure 13 BT


I upgraded my hearing aids about 8 months ago to the Signia Pure 13 BT 7px. An amazing improvement from my previous Siemens aids. One issue I discovered early on is related to the ability to set the rocker on one of the aids to turn the hearing aids off with a long press. However, this doesn’t turn them off, but actually turns them into more of a ‘standby’. If they are still connected your phone, and your phone gets a notification, it will re activate the hearing aids, and they will potentially start squawking in the middle of the night … not that I can hear it, but my wife sure can!

Does anyone know if there is a way to have them power down with the button? The recommendation from the audiologist is that I open the battery compartment, which works of course, but I am constantly dropping a battery when I pick them up in the morning. I’m also afraid the small catch that locks the battery compartment will wear out with the constant opening and closing.

Any advice?

CAREFULLY open door. Seems your only option.

Button power downs are dependent on the device remaining able to respond to the reactivate. Computers, TVs etc. It what is referred to as vampire electrical power.

I also have Signia Pure 13BT 7PX. I just slightly open battery door. Just a crack. No way will the battery fall out. It disconnects the battery. No squawking or squealing from HAs. My husband hears that too on the occasion that I take them out and do not open battery door. :crazy_face: