POWER Hearing Aids

I was wondering if you all could give your opinions on which power aids you would recommend and why.

I have tested out at severe to profound high frequency loss. Speech discr. is 84% in right ear and 44% in left.

I am trying to get as much input and knowledge as possible before I make that big purchase.

Thank you in advance

I’ve been impressed with the results of this aid. It’s got a lot of power, and an excellent feedback management system making the available power actually available as opposed to theoretical.


When I think of power aids two brands came to mind

Phonak Naidia and Oticon Sumo DM… this are the top choices…

Now if you are looking for value … GN sparx seems like a good instrument…

I agree…Naida might be good for your hearing loss. I used that as trial basis but it wasnt right for me because I had too good of a hearing for it, and it seemed “low”…but for those with a more severe hearing loss, it works EXTREMELY well.

Thank you for the responses. My Audi thinks the Naida will be to powerful in the lower freq’s so she suggested the micropower IX. I will be trying these first. I will let you know how it goes. I had impressions taken and I expect to have the aids in about the 12th of this month. I am both anxious and excited. It has been over ten years since I wore aids.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

if you are really looking for value
the name of the GAME is call extreme (bernafon)