Power Hearing Aids 2021

Wanted to open discussion on power hearing aids for those in the severe to profound hearing group. I’d like to focus on PA’s that are really recent or planned to roll out this year. So I’m going to exclude two power aids because (1) I’m not looking in the rear view mirror and (2) only want to focus on what’s new in 2021. So for this discussion I’m excluding the Oticon Xceed (almost two years old) and Resound Enzo Q (one year old). Yes both aids are not ancient, with the Resound only be 12 months old but neither have gotten much attention on HT, nor good reviews. In fact there has been very limited reviews on any website for either aid - which tells me both probably under performed. So looking forward I see three options for power aids in 2021.

Not to upset the Apple cart but I’ll start off with,

Phonak Naida Marvel SP which did come out in Feb. 2020. Yea same time frame as Enzo Q. I including this power aid due to over-all decent reviews of the Marvel aid series, the fitting range which should benefit those who have a severe/profound loss and the option of a size 13 disposable battery. My feeling are that most users of power hearing aids prefer dependable long lasting disposable batteries which would be a 13 or a preferred size 675 battery. Noticed I said “preferred”. Again I have not read a lot of reviews on this aid but seem to feel it might offer (overall) better performance then the Xceed or Enzo Q.

The second aid (2021) is the Oticon More which just hit the market and hopefully will have upcoming reviews (pro or con). In my case I’d only be interested to read reviews about the More (1) Minirite 105 R - preferable “ear simulator”. I believe that aid has the best fitting chart for those in severe/profound range. Again the fitting chart for this aid seems to be well situated for those with a severe/profound hearing loss. Now in discussing this aid I’m assuming Oticon offers aid with RITE, power receiver that will fit inside a custom hard shell ear mold. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this assumption. And I’m hoping the More aid gets good reviews, more so for those with a mid range to profound hearing loss, but will hold off testing aid until Oticon comes out with a disposable battery brand. I know that’s going to happen this year, but would like to hear from anyone who happens to know a time line.

My last aid, the Phonak Paradise UP (I believe) is on the drawing board but there has been no official release date. The conclusion of the HT board seems to feel that Phonak will offer the UP aid in the Paradise line versus the Marvel. I go along with that since the Marvel SP probably wouldn’t be a stretch from a Marvel UP. Both Marvel and Paradise lines seem to get over all decent to good reviews so I’d be very interested if either one was upgraded to an UP aid - preferable 675 battery. So I guess my question to posters here is - "is this aid (definitely) coming out this year or could it be put off until 2022 or beyond?

In an ideal situation I’d like to test the Oticon More with disposable battery say April/May against a rolled out Paradise up April/May this year. Anyone think that could happen or am I jumping the gun?

Thanks, hear2day for starting this topic.

I’m in the market for new power aids and willing to wait if something better comes availableas oppose to what in the market now. Currently in my 5th year with my phonak Nadia V UP.

Mixed feeling about the Naida Marvel SP. Not sure I would classify that aid as a UP, but it does seem to meet many power aid requirements. Personally I like to see power aids (ultra power aids) stand on their own and not be range bound (fitting chart wise) for someone between a minor hearing loss to a severe/profound loss. I’m aware various power receivers and and aid upgrades can change a regular aid into a beast (power category) but still I like aids that are only made for specific hearing loss levels and not “one size fits all”, for lack of a better comparison. I also feel a 675 battery is a perfect match with a Ultra aid and not necessarily a size 13 battery.

Oticon More should of come out with the recharge battery and the disposable at the same time in January. Why the game of delaying a future aid with disposable battery? Is Oticon worried recharge battery brand won’t sell as fast if it has to compete with disposable brand? Don’t know.

Lastly Phonak used to be one of the leaders in developing/selling power hearing aids. Company seems to have slowed down power aid development over the last few years, but some claim the Paradise will be out this year. I’m not holding my breath since I assume some Audi’s that have good connections with Phonak would of already leaked a Paradise coming out soon - if that was in the cards.


Well guess my timing was perfect regarding subject matter. I also found this link (similar) to what Zebras posted. Anyone know what size battery the new Naida Paradise UP comes with? Can’t wait to test the Naida Paradise UP against the Oticon More with power receiver.


675 battery. The More with a power receiver will be a lot less powerful then the new Naida.

Agree and with “news” that Paradise UP is coming out, that might mean (in general) that the Phonak Paradise line is selling well.