Power domes for Phonak Audeo B vs Marvel

Anyone know if it makes any difference whether I use the older Phonak power dome on my newer Marvel aids?

My aud-guy put the newer style of Marvel domes on yesterday, and unless it’s my imagination, both the comfort AND sound quality is better than the older power dome style which I’d bought for my Audeo Bs.

I’ve got a box FULL of the older domes … and note that the price of these ran about $9 LESS for an order at Amazon.


They are supposed to be different. Marvel uses their new SDS 4.0 system. I don’t know if they are compatible or not. One could try and see how secure it feels. If you’re going to be venturesome, have a plan in place for somebody skilled with tweezers to be able to rescue you.

MDB, I’d been using the old Phonak domes on my Marvels right up till yesterday! Well, there was a 2-mo interval in which I tried out custom-molded silicone tips, but I had then removed yesterday.

I really DO detect a noticeable level - shall we say 8%? - of sound quality improvement in these domes. I will order a pack of new ones at Amazon and just donate my old domes to my aud-guy next visit in.

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Just checked them on my local store: They are 10x more expensive, too! The same price for a single piece versus for 10 pieces. Good to see that Amazon sells them for a lot less! Maybe I’ll try them.

@1Bluejay How do you assess a 8% difference, though?

LOL!!! Markismus, I am deafer than a doorknob, but having worn HAs for more than 30 yrs, I have developed my own very nuanced sense of hearing! My hi-fi loving hubs always includes me in sound tests, cuz I am able to articulate the nuances of sounds, whether it be ambient, music or speech. Granted, this is filtered by my aids, but I can detect very minor changes.

Yes … I’d say 8% is about the right amount of improvement with the new Marvel domes, but I actually considered 7% and possibly 9% before posting! :robot:


So, could it be that the improvement came from fitting the dome that the acoustic settings in Target already thought were there? Or can you differentiate between types of power domes in Target?

EDIT: When I change my Bolero B90’s to Bolero M90’s in Target I get different domes, indeed. No choice, apart from the type of hearing aid. So that should account for at least 7% of your improvement! :slight_smile:

The new domes are loose on the old receivers and the old domes are tight on the new receivers. So you’re fine to use the old domes, you just have the really jam them on. It’s going in the other direction that is inadvisable.


I came here to say this.

You made this post fun to read! :rofl:

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AHHH! That is exactly what I’d found out, but thought it must just be ME and my domes. I will wear the old double domes on my Audeo Bs then, and have already ordered the new Marvel domes from Amazon.

But really … does the dome make THAT much of a difference in the hearing experience or am I just imagining my 8% of improvement? I’m SUPER happy with the new Marvel domes on these aids, and kIcK! myself for not having worn these domes when I first got the aids … oh … um … LAST December. :thinking:

Could be. The old domes seem a bit more solid. Your loss really isn’t a loss for domes, though I understand you have trouble with custom tips. Could be the older ones are providing a tighter fit.

^^^ Just to clarify: Of the 3 tips I’ve worn on my Marvel aids - older double domes, custom molded silicone tips and now the new Marvel double dome, it’s the Marvel dome I’m liking the best. Go figure! These seem to have the best balance of comfort and sound quality.

I wonder if I dare put these Marvel domes on my Audeo B-Direct aids and see what the world sounds like?! Why not! I’ll report back after my “test”.


They are loose. If you are giong to experiment with that, do it at a time when it would be convenient for you to go into your audiologist and have them remove a dome from your ear.

Oooops! They’re in my dang ears right now. Well, hubs is next to me, so if he has to fetch a pair of tweezers that could work out. So far, I’m finding the sound quality of the Marvel dome on my older Audeo B-Direct aids kind of tinny and flat. Now … without further ado, I’ll go put the correct domes on them.

I’ll S C R E A M if these domes get stuck in my ear. :astonished:

Heheh. You’ll be fine if they do. They’ll just sit there and do nothing until you get them out. Don’t let hubs shove them further in if he can’t get them easily, that just makes things harder. And try not to get water in your ear.

I’ve pulled domes out of ears that have probably been in there for 4-6 months and the ear canal was none the worse for wear. It’s just a matter of going to see someone who has experience extracting them gently.

OYE! What a HUGE improvement putting the old double domes back on my Audeo B-Direct aids. The sound is rich and beautiful again. Very strange!

I’m going to swap out these old domes on the new Marvels and see how they sound. … Moments later: YUP! Just as I’d found out the other day, these Marvels sound SUPER better with the newer double domes. I’m not kidding, they sound flat and tinny with the old domes and very rich and vibrant with the domes they were made to pair with.

Of course, Dire Straits sounds pretty awesome with either aids … as long as I have the correct dome on. Groovin’ to “Sultans of Swing”. :relaxed:


O. M. G. I definitely don’t want to go down that route. I’ve got the correct domes on BOTH my models now … and am now going to END that dome test now. Whew.


I hear you 1Bluejay - I design AV equipment for a large corporation and I can still design speakers because I am more sensitive to speech intelligability which is important for conferencing gear. Unfortunately, the powers that be don’t seem to get it.