Power BTE for progressive loss

The last time I had my hearing tested (about a year and a half ago) my thresholds were between 60 and 75 across the board which I guess is “Moderately Severe”. My speech score was 75-80% at 90db. Because my hearing loss is progressive my ENT (who I saw about a year ago) recommended that I get new hearing aids that can “grow” as I loose more hearing.
I currently have 4 year old Canta 470 BTEs which don’t have volume control or direct audio input, both features that I sorely need.
I plan to go to the audiologist in January and I will bring up my ENTs recommendations.
I know that my hearing has gotten much worse since I last saw the audiologist (that is part of the reason I’ve been afraid to go back) because I can no longer understand any speech in noise and if someone is more than a few feet from me I cant understand them. Also, I’ve noticed that loud high pitched pure tones above 2kHz don’t sound like pure tones. They sound more like static (I found this out b/c my musician friends were playing with a tone generator). In classes my friends just write down what people across the room say.
I’m hoping that vocational rehab will pay for new aids if I need them because I’m a college student and I’ll be graduating in May and I have zero chance of getting a job if I can’t understand any unfamiliar voices. And I’m applying to medical school next year, I have to be able to prove that I can hear enough to practice medicine.

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Conductive or senseneural loss? Or combination?

Have you tried Assistive Listening Devices for class room lectures? Does your school provide any devices?

see if you are a candidate for cochlear implant…
I would check a good power aid like Sumo DM or the soon to be realease
Phonak Nadia along with a FM

Iolite review

xbulder- I used a school provided FM system but there were a few problems: I go to a small college and even my purely science classes are discussion based. So I can either have the prof wear a mic and miss everything my classmates say or I can use the “group” mic. The “group mic” doesn’t work well/I still can’t hear people. Also, in some classrooms all I could hear was a low-pitched buzz from interference. Since my BTEs don’t have DAI, I can’t use something like Phonak microlink.
ed121- My loss is purely sensorineural and it is genetic. I haven’t had gene testing but there is a strong history of recessive progressive hearing loss in my family.

My college is really great with accommodations, they are willing to do just about anything. I’m really lucky.
I’m lucky that my friends/classmates are willing to write or fingerspell things I miss. People I have had many classes with can recognize my very confused expression.
I went to a total communication primary school, so I know ASL and my college offered to get an interpreter or a captionist but when they get a captionist for special events, the captioning sucks. Since I take many advanced science classes with lots of “jargon” and interpreter or captionist would have to know the words.

Finally, my ENT said a cochlear implant would be an option in a few years (I might be a candidate now…I guess I’ll know when I see my audie) but he thinks that “hair cell regeneration” is the next big thing. Unfortunately, this summer I was an undergraduate research intern in one of the top hair cell regeneration labs in the country and I know that we are very far from being able to use that in humans. It might work in mice eventually but it will be a while before humans will benefit.

Yes i agree it will be a long long time, regarfing the FM you can use a FM with a T coil. Most aids do have t coil you can get a phonak my link i think
or an Oticon amgio r5/t5 the good news is that they are relative inexpensive…

You can always program the fm with the MT option. So you can benefit from both…

On a side note, i read that there is research with the implants being with
laser as opose to electrical impulses (i believe this was what i read, and there is a great potential there. Perhaps., one day the cost of implants will be @ par with aids, maybe?)


deafstudent I have the identical problem in classrooms. Solved it by getting a tiny little battery powered amplifier, a super directional mike (shotgun), and a amplified neck loop…then use the telecoil in the aid. Works great.

Check the Musicians Friend. com catalog for the amp and mike and the internet for a Clearsound Amplified Loop CLA7. Total cost less than $220. Ed